Monday, November 29, 2010

This and That turned Thankful

Do you ever have so many thoughts that you can't pick just one things to talk about?  I think I do that on every post.  But this one will be VERY scattered.  Just a little peek inside my brain (as if you don't know most of it anyways!!!) and inside my life.

A)  I went Black Friday shopping with my sister.  It was NOT intense..we met at 6:15 at Wally World and I spent a whopping  11 dollars.  But I LIKED what I bought.  We then trapsed to Old Navy and WOW...those people are nuts.  Some looked like they had been out all night....and really... for clothes that 3 months from now I will pick up at the GW clearance center for pennies.  SHEESH..I wanted to say,  "GET A LIFE,  FIND A NEW FRIEND,  COOK SOMETHING,  TAKE A WALK,  AND PLEASE DON'T WEAR YOUR JAMMY PANTS OUT OF THE HOUSE....but I didn't.  I just bought something so I would fit in with the crowd.  I liked what I bought.  We finished at Target and I picked up some stocking stuffers and a couple of little things.  I liked what I bought there.  To sum it all up:  I LIKED WHAT I BOUGHT!!!  THEN we went to Panera and had breakfast and talked for an hour...and can I say for the record  I HAVE THE BEST SISTER EVER.  I mean really,  we are so very different in how we look, what we like to do for fun,  music,  parenting,  but she  is my best friend besides my mom.  What a great God we have to bless me with her.  I LOVE YOU LIL' SIS!

B)  Saturday we went to the home of some new friends and I decided to take some craft stuff with me to do.  DID YOU HEAR THAT????  CRAFT STUFF?  I don't do crafts.  I like to look at craft blogs and dream that I want to do crafts,  I will even buy my girls stuff to do crafts.  But I have a love/hate relationship with crafts.  I want to LOVE to do them,  but I HATE the whole thing once it is finished.  But,  I had bought some felt to help my little girls make ornaments and crap stuff and took it over to cut things out and try to figure out what to do.  It would have been a very good thing, except I needed pinking shears...WHAT??  Scissors weren't good enough for this craft.  NOOOO,  I had to have PINKING Shears.  Sooooo,  my hate relationship won out.  Hopefully my really crafty daughter will pick up the ball and run with it,  very, very,  far away.  Thank you,  Haley.

C)  I met tonight with some wonderful ladies over coffee and chocolate.  Really, what ladies wouldn't be wonderful when you are full of coffee and chocolate.  This was our monthly Charlotte Mason support group.  It was lovely, and fun, and encouraging, and full of laughing,  and the Lord was over all.  Sweet ladies that help me each month to say,  "I can do this.  I am called to this.  They will survive and succeed...."   Thank you ladies. 

So,  this has really turned into a Thankful blog post.  And I am very thankful for the ladies God has placed in my life.  Even if they do intimidate me, and make me want to find the nearest book store or library and hide.  I could you know.  I did it once in Spain.  For hours.  I wonder if my mom even noticed I was gone.  She probably was very relieved.  I wonder...

thanks for reading,


Friday, November 26, 2010

Indians for Thanksgiving!!

We had the most wonderful Thanksgiving Day.  We live near an air base and there are many exchange airmen from around the world leaning the ins and outs of the plane.  Our church had invited a few men a couple of weeks ago to come eat and  visit and play games, and we were able to share about our faith with them.  They were so kind and talkative.  No quiet moments with this bunch. 

We have one tried and true tradition at is different every year,  with different people, sometimes we go, sometimes we stay.  The last two years we have stayed but had different cultures over.  So this year we decided to make it authentic and invite Indians not feather.  And it was delightful!  We talked,  shared jokes,  discussed homeschooling,  politics,  the Pilgrims,  and our faith.  We knew we were from different countries,  but it was amazing how similar we are.  My son began telling a joke and one of the men had already heard it from his daughter!!!  Did you know in India they have laughter clubs.  People gather together and one person starts fake laughing until someone else gets tickled and then they all burst out laughing.  Rao said it was for their health.  I think it would be a blast.  I wonder how it would go over in church,  after prayer and before the sermon.   You know Proverbs says laughter is good medicine.  SIGH!!  The thoughts that go through my head...I am glad know one can read them!!!  Thanksgiving is such a great time to invite other cultures and faiths over and be able to share who Christ is with them.  It is as if God sent the mission field to us...and I am so glad that our "tradition"  allows for variety. 

We also had a family over we have  known just a short while, and what fun to get to know them.  They may never come back over after playing Dutch Blitz with us.  I am a little...COMPETITIVE!!!  As in,  I hope your ok I STOMPED ALL OVER YOUR EGO.   I think they are.   They asked Damon to come over and watch a game with them.....wait,  Damon,  not me.  HMM.  What if I promise to bring cookies and candy and flowers?  I'll beg. 

As usual this is wordy.  thanks for reading,


Playing Guestures.  They were very good.  And kept the score in their head,  not on paper.  I was impressed!!!

Making Indian coffee.  OH  MY GOODNESS!  And one of my sneaky kids drank most of mine.  Gotta watch the buggers.

The whole crew stuffed and happy. 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Since we came to Titusville we have...shopped:) on Tuesday we hit two thrift stores and my new favorite store Bealls it's amazing!!! They have these dots and they go from 30% off to a whopping 95%!!!!!!! I bought an adorable outfit for $11.11:):):) On Wednesday we went to the beach and then more shopping at the SPCA thrift store, I bought a CUTE Hollister shirt and a comfortable ON Skirt. Tomorrow while my grandma and aunt cook Thanksgiving dinner   lunch Avery and I are going to do some Chirstmas decorating:)

Monday, November 22, 2010


I have BIG problems with Saturdays. I am a let's-get-er-dun kind of person, and my other 5/6's are a let's not kind of persons. So, on some Saturdays I am up like a drill sergeant yelling orders and commanding 50 situps for the last person ready. Other mornings I drink my coffee and yell orders at myself to sit and relax, all the while working up bad stuff inside as I look around at the kitchen walls, the ceiling, the floors, the book shelves. And SOME mornings my family dresses me, puts the keys and my purse in my hand, and sends me off so they can have peace.

THIS MORNING, we ALL got up around the same time, had a leisurely breakfast, some visiting, and then ALL headed out the door, cause... my car had died on the road coming home last night. And you know what? I kindof liked having a dead car. It gave purpose and meaning to my morning and the other 4/6 (we had two gone and had gained one child) felt like they had purpose and meaning, and WE WERE ALL ON THE SAME PAGE FOR THE FIRST SATURDAY IN A LONG LONG WHILE! Sad isn't it.
It takes death to bring us all together.

On another note, I talked to my eldest who is on her road trip with her grandparents and cousin, and she promised me a blog today sometime. Only it won't include Cracker Barrel. I am a little disconcerted. My dad must be really sick. If you ever go on a trip with my dad, he will almost never stop to eat, UNLESS it is a Cracker Barrel. I have begun to think he owns stock in them. So I am interested in why he chose another joint. (He's been sick, so I am wondering if the girls ganged up on him and he was too sick to defend himself.)

UPDATE:  I talked to my dad and the girls DID gang up on him.  He was so sick he couldn't fight back,  but he said he would NOT be stopping where the girls suggest anymore.  It's Cracker Barrel all the way home.  I feel like  better now. 

thanks for reading,


Happy Birthday Haley!!!

Today, 15 years ago, I became a mommy for the first, but not last, time. I was supposed to be hosting my family for Thanksgiving along with my mother-in-law. But the Dr. said either go lie down or go to the hospital. I thought he was kidding and said I would lie down after Thanksgiving. He promptly sent me over to the hospital where he postponed duck hunting to deliver my girl. We didn't know she was a girl before birth, but when she was born, there was no doubt. Black hair, fully grown in eye lashes and eyebrows, (I thought my other kiddos were deformed when they were born with no hair anywhere.  Scared me a little.)   little fat rolls already, big beautiful dark eyes. Those eye lashes. She still has them, and the dark hair, but somewhere along the way she lost the sweet rolls. (I think she is pretty happy about that!!) She was creative from the first, and still continues to intimidate me and make me proud all in the same breath with her sewing, crafting, designing, inspiring. She is not afraid of ANYTHING (like Lord of the Rings, that super scary should-be-called-a-horror movie) or poisonous snakes, or going places alone for the first time. So unlike me, but wonderful.

Happy Birthday, Haley, I love you and miss you, and can't wait to take you to the DMV and get your permit.

thanks for reading,



Well yesterday all we did was travel, we left my aunts around 10:00 and after about two hours we stopped at an Arbys for lunch. Then we traveled until we got to Tampa where we met another aunt and cousin for dinnner.

Grace, Grace, God's Grace

Finally, I have found the part that was SUPPOSED to comfort me. But it made me feel a little GUILTY for not walking in it. I am trying to get beyond the guilt but I think I need more that 3 CHAPTERS to do it!!! I know the law let me know how bad a sinner I really am/was. I know I looked upon Jesus and by the faith He GAVE me I believed He took my sins on the cross and paid MY penalty for my sin, and now my debt is paid in full and I walk in HIS righteousness. It's the how that always kinks me up. I think daily (possibly moment by momently) I need to "agree with my conscience that I am guilty, but then remind it that guilt has already been borne by Christ." (Mr. Bridges)

That would do two things, help me walk more by faith and not by law, and also be VERY THANKFUL to Christ as I am reminded daily of how much He loves me and what He did for me. It might even change the way I do things around here. Like help remove some selfishness, and look at circumstances in light of His great love for me, and help me look at things more eternally and maybe be more gracefilled with my fmaily. But don't look to soon, remember, I am JUST now working on this. It takes some people YEARS to learn their job well. Mine will be a LIFETIME. See me in heaven about how I am doing.

I had a post worked up about Saturdays. But I was in a cooking mood and couln't get my head around typing. But I feel that now I can look BACK on yesterday (now 2 days ago)and write with a sound mind. You'll see. (he he he)

thanks for reading,


ps. Tried to publish this yesterday but couldn't. Today will may be a busy blog day. Haley is at Bush Gardens probably riding every roller coaster she can. The rest of us are busy at home. But as you know that could turn out pretty exciting.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The First 2 Days

I spent the night at my grandparents house on Thursday as we were scheduled to leave early Friday morning, but my grandfather, Colonel was sick and was waiting to go to the doctors. We left around nine and drove till we needed to stopped for gas and bathroom breaks, we went on till lunch and stopped at a Captain D's, the last stop we made was at a tiny gas station where we needed gas again, then we drove on till my cousin Stephanie's in Atlanta. The next day we ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel and then left the men to go home and watch football while we went on the mall of Georgia, where we stayed till three thirty. Now we are relaxing and waiting for the BBQ:)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Collaboration

Just a few notes for the few who follow.  My eldest will be going on a 9 DAY road trip with her grandparents beginning tomorrow.  She is REQUIRED to post daily about her trip.  We are on pins and needles waiting to hear the comparisons of all the different Cracker Barrels along the way!!! 

My son doesn't want to blog because he just said his life is uneventful right now, but when my eldest gets a car he will have something to blog about.   What he doesn't realize is that his sister will NOT be getting a car anytime soon,  so I am assuming his life will remain uneventful for a good while.  Maybe until he gets married, then his wife can drive him around and he can find EVENTS.  Which is not a guarantee, the wife or events.

Here is a short book review of Meet Julie,  an American Girl book  my second daughter just read.

Julies parents are divorced.  She loves basketball,  but the team is a boys only and the coach refuses to let her play,  and while she is asking pepole to sign her petition she loses her best friend.  When everything seems hopeless,   she is let onto the team.

I would recommend this book.  I learned when things seem hopeless, don't give up.


thanks for reading,


I'm linking up to...

Day to Day

The last two days have been very low key and ...normal.   No major upsets, no major catastrophes, no big melt downs, nothing BIG.    Which is very wonderful and calming and relaxing.  I have been trying to give exams for the end of our first twelve weeks of school.  They have gone well.  I am surprised by the the detail and word usage of these young learners.  They really emulate what they hear and read.  SO PICK GOOD BOOKS, NOT TWADDLE,  FOR YOUR KIDS AND THEY WILL TALK INTELLIGENTLY AND CARRY ON WONDERFUL CONVERSATION. 

I homeschool using the Charlotte Mason method.  I would relate the who, what, where, and so on  but a simple google would tell you all.  I found her through my mother,  (who introduces me to great things quite often) who found a book by Susan Schaeffer Macauley title For the Children's Sake.   A great book for anyone to read even if you are not contemplating homeschooling.  All children must be educated and this helps to figure out the best way, either using a great school or keeping/bringing them home.  And for those who say I can't because...  I am a mostly living example that yes you can.  Don't tell me about difficult clashes of personalities,  needing lots of quiet,  not knowing where to find what.  Been there,  doing that and I think I see some progress.  And I am not talking about in the KIDS. 

I tell my oldest she is "the experiment" all the time.   I hope it lessens the impact of the many changes and mistakes I make on and for her.  Like the time she was going to read a book titled Never Give In.

 I found the title of the book at the library, we brought it home,  and I had her read 6-10 speeches by Winston Churchill.   ( I thought he was a great speaker,  and enjoyed reading his earlier speeches.)  After a few weeks of this,  we (I) realized the book we were looking for was a simple biography of Churchill,

  much more interesting read for a SIXTH GRADER.   Poor child.  But the good news is that for the next 3 there will be much less drama and change in their life.  God is preparing my oldest for something  GREAT I know. 

Maybe I will tell you about what she is learning this next 12 weeks.  I find it interesting when others do that, but since this blog is mainly for family and close friends, they may not really care or already know.  We'll see.

thanks for reading,


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Turkey Day Savings

Did I tell you I have a great phobia of holidays?  I think my least fearful holiday is Thanksgiving.  Really it's about family, food, and feathered  friends,  (how dare you,  NO, I will not be cooking up a CHICKEN!! SHEESH!)   I have family,  I can cook,  and today I saved $11 on a feathered friend from Kroger.

(Excuse me while I stop a fight between my two oldest on why we can or cannot talk about people being stinky.)

Ok, I'm back.  Whew, never a dull moment.  So a friend called who is coming over for Thanksgiving to tell me to buy my turkey now from Kroger as they were having a sale.  Yes,  I totally rely on my friends to tell me these things.  I tell them when there is a booksale, sometimes.  My son and I went and had a wonderful time going through the HUGE store finding the sales. Did you know I have a fear of Kroger?  There is one Kroger, (I won't say where cause I am not sure you can't be sued for libel on the internet.) that is large, dark, and very tall.  I fell as if all the food stuffs are gathering around me closer and closer the farther back into the store I get.  I could get suffocated and no one would even know where I was.  Anyway,  I am very choosy as to which Kroger I go to, if I  get up the nerve to go.  And .37 turkeys got me nerve.   I am not a creative, do it yourself, redo it yourself, make it yourself kind of person.  But I can do a little saving here and there.  I will tell you all about the Goodwill Clearance Center sometime.  It is CRAZY!  

So,  my oldest told me find a link and somehow Toot Your Horn Tuesday came up, and I tooted about saving on turkeys!!!

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Random Thoughts

Why are random thoughts so interesting?   Could it be that it shows the real side of a person?  Is it that we hope to connect with something or someone and if someone sends out a few random thoughts,  SURELY one may strike a note?  In light of wanting others to feel a connection,  I throw out some random,  and I mean most -likely-so-trivial-you-will-move-on-before-you-finish-the-post thoughts.

1.  For three weeks now I have had one sick child, one each week, with the same sort of symptoms.

2.  Holidays scare, intimidate petrify me.  and birthdays.  and anniversaries.   and Saturday.   I COULD almost skip them. 

3.  I refuse to turn on the heat.  We are up to 3 blankets apiece.

4.  One of my children has taken over the other  three children's daily word quota.

5.  Anyone get ready for bed, look at the clock and realize it's only 6:30? 

6.  I am thinking of doing a paper route.  Anyone want to talk me out of it?

7.  I really like those blogs that list things they are thankful for.  This blog isn't one of them.

8.  I just went to a booksale.  (I think this counts as a thankful,  so you ARE reading a thankful blog!!)

9.  The news is on.  I don't usually watch the news but my daughter wants to see what happened to the catnapper.

10.  We found a mouse skeleton by our driveway yesterday morning.  I screamed. 

thanks for reading,


My Heart Was Black with Sin

I read a little more in The Disciplines of Grace  yesterday and came away realizing just how bad a sinner I really am.  Didn't I begin this journey because I felt guilt over not doing things and doing things and needed to understand how to live in God's grace, not feel defeated and worth less ALL THE TIME?  SO,  I pick a book on grace and it just leads me down a very dark and depressing road.  And this just in ch 2!!!!!!   

So I read some good things and here are the high lights low lights.

1)  My sin is rebellion against God's Authority  (Luke 16:21) (I have always had authority issues, so this was a "DUH" moment.)

2)  When I sin, I despise God.  (2 Sam 2:9-10) (This one sounded so very very very bad,  and I cringed at even typing ...that word)

3)  When I sin I defy God's authority over me (1 Kings 13:21)  (Kindof sounds like putting fingers up to the nose and going,  'Nah, Nah! )

So,  it all boils down to I am a rebellious, determined to have my own way, defiant, despicable person.  And if you think THIS doesn't bring about feelings of guilt.... 

But to give Mr Bridges credit,  he did point me back to the cross, where all this nasty black-hearted sin was placed on my precious savior, who knew no sin, and it has all been taken away.  And now my savior sits at His Father's right hand and all my selfish prayers and  petitions are brought through the cleansing blood of Christ, and I have a righteous relationship with the Father. 

THAT did  cheer me up some.  I think I will go thank my Savior and work on living an obedient and grateful life.  That's the very least I can do.

thanks for reading,


                                                           Peaceful scene from Petit Jean

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mountain Time

I would like to introduce a special guest blogger today.  He has his own blog over on  But it's not getting much play.  He usually has a good perspective on our "outings".  Please welcome......the big D.

Good evening folks...thank you for having me tonight.  I shall endeavor to entertain you with the trip to the top of Petit Jean Mountain that we took this last Friday.  I had decided earlier in the week that we needed a family outing, and this was a perfect day for such a perfect plan.  I DID have to wait for the Normans to conquer the Book Sale, but once they did that, we met here at home and got the car loaded up with Frisbees, grills and food, and hit the road.

The first stop was at the visitor center, where the crafty young park employee starting getting a little fresh with my oldest daughter...not smart.  I drug them all out, and we headed across the gorge for the Boy Scout trail.  There is a gorgeous overlook at the bottom, and we enjoyed hanging out and taking pics of ourselves and the view.  That is also where we took the family pic over there ---->

We headed over to the big cave as well, and then spent some time just sitting on rocks and chatting amongst ourselves...we paired off, and it was really a peaceful time...a breeze blowing, the sun slowly setting.

After that, we hot-footed it across the Turtle Rocks to our car, and went to find a nice picnic spot.  We pulled the van over by it, had the Chieftains playing out the windows, and I fired up the grill to cook potatoes and Brats/dogs.  We ate til we were stuffed, roasted marshmallows, and played frisbee until you just couldn't see anymore.  By that time, we were just about ready to hit the trail for....home.  A beautiful day that the Lord had made, and we enjoyed His creation...

Thanks for reading...


Saturday, November 13, 2010

What do I DO with all those BOOKS?

Glad you asked!!  I had so much fun going over them today,  feeling the smoothness of the skin,  smelling the sometimes musty odor,  flipping the pages through my fingers,  stopping to read a word or two or three or four or....

Ok,  I actually listed most of them in my , a gift my husband gave me that is supposed to last my lifetime.  I have yet to catalog all my books, but I have brainwashed  trained one child into thinking this is fun.  Only she's really busy and has a paying job, and can only have so much fun a week.  (SIGH)  Back to what I will do with them.  I thought I just told you?  feel, smell, flip, read.  Well,  I chose some books because we love to read classics around here, and anytime we can find a great looking hard back we snatch it up, for .50 or 1.00.  I chose others because we are studying the time of 1776-1815 in history in our home school, and next year will be getting around to the Civil War.  There were a couple of interesting books set in this time.  Abraham Lincoln by James Daugherty,  a biography of a slave girl (not sure yet if it tells too much,  kindo intense).  Others I choose because they are part of a series we love like the Landmark books or an author we love like Clyde Robert Bulla, or Jean Fritz.  I did seem to find more historical and biographical books, and then a few classic fiction.  Some I had never read  like The Prisoner of Zenda by Anthony Hope  and one on touring the Mediterranian using the Bible.  How neat would that be to learn geography from a lady who toured the area....  before the second world war!!!  (I am a sucker for OLD BOOKS)

As I figure out where these will go in our schooling year,  I might let you know.  OR,  I might think it is too boring, or irrelevant to your life, and never let you know.  HE HE HE  HO HO HO  HA HA HA
 HI HI HI HU HU HU HY HY HY (I think I already said that!)

thanks for reading,


ps.  I WILL let you know how The Prisoner of Zenda is,  I am REALLY curious. 

pss.  I bet you would love to know how I began to love books. 

Dog Tired

What does that mean anyway?  Are dogs more tired that other they lie down more heavily...or pant harder...why not possum tired, or bird tired or (my favorite) chicken tired?  Have you ever seen a chicken lie down in dirt, stretch out its left wing and leg, and  pant?  Kindof wierd actually.
But tonight,  I will just say I am dog tired so you won't think I am weird or something. 

We CONQUERED the book sale, no one was hurt, we practiced respect for the elderly and helpless,  but  boy,  my legs are sore.  Up, down, and in between then back up again ...that's bookshelves both high and low.  I did very well.  Set my budget a little higher then completely forgot it, grabbed lots of books (as did my well trained S6 troop), then panicked and started looking at what we had.   We had some ...well interesting wordage in the stack(s)..  One about a clay boy that ran and took stuff.  I was a little scared of clay boy and it went back on the shelf.  SIDE NOTE  When choosing books for children, make sure they are interesting, worthy of more than one read aloud, the pictures are fun to look at,  and the children will want to take them with them when they leave home.  They can't, OF COURSE, but they should want to.  OK,  I'M BACK.  Then others about bunnie, valentines day, 15 christmas books,  you get the picture.  Some CHILD hit the holiday shelf and swiped it.  Gotta trained that trooper a little better. 

Here's a picture of our haul.

NEXT DAY:  I lay in bed  last night and thought about our load, and I suddenly realized that great geography book I had picked up for my eldest was NOT IN THIS PICTURE.  Where was it?  Who had it?  Did it even come home with me?  After INTERROGATING the troops, we realized we left it at a table in the library.  GRRRR!   You guessed it.  After cleaning the church this morning, my youngest and I headed back up to the library, (our mission was NOT completed!) and would you believe,  the LORD had saved my books for me using a sweet lady.  Abigail and I said,  "ISN'T GOD SWEET TO US?"

This is a little long, so I will post about our afternoon at Petit Jean later.  I want ya' to keep comin' back to read. 

thanks for reading,


ps.  Here's what one CHILD thought of the book sale.  "It was fun, but momma put back my Clay Man book.  He went around eating everything.  I thought momma had put it in the basket.  Well,  it was fun.  Thank you for reading this. Bye

Thursday, November 11, 2010


The library book sale is tomorrow.  This post is most enjoyable if you listen while reading.

 I have my kids all jacked up and I  have drilled into them the books we are looking for.  Tomorrow, we will stand in line with all others,  wishing we had gotten up earlier to be 1ST in line, but realizing being 20th is not bad.  We will have money and a phone ...that's it.  Nothing to hinder us from reading, bending and grabbing.  We will show our membership card (gets us in at 9 instead of 10  :).. and then I yell, GO GO GO and we spread out and CONQUER!!!  Nobody gets in the way of the S6 troop.  

ok,  we are a little nicer,  we let older people move past us and don't shove the children.  I will post our treasures tomorrow. 

thanks for reading,


No Encouragement...Yet

If I thought chapter two was going to lift me to high places,  I was very wrong.   How do I get myself in these pickles?  Why am I reading a book that shows me I really and truly am a sinner...thankful Mr. Bridges throws the "saved by grace" part in every now and then to keep me reading. I could only handle 4 pages.  Remember the story of the Pharisee praying and the tax collector praying?  (If not,  look up  Luke 18:9-14..  I will wait...)

I think many times I WANT to relate to the tax collector,  but really I see myself as the pharisee.  I haven't committed any MAJOR sin,  I pay give my tithe,  I go to church, I help out some,  but it's not the major sins I need to worry about,  it's the "refined sins" as Mr. Bridges states.  And he began talking about one that hit home:  saying words to someone (especially someones I love the most) out of anger, irritation, or context.  I tend to be outspoken (some call it good,  I call it putting my foot in my mouth most of the time) and I words could be good...IF...I spoke them  in the right spirit.  So as to not make this any longer,   my prayer is to learn to keep silent UNLESS the need comes for speaking up.  That means that there may be looooooong periods of silence on my part for awhile,  LORD WILLIN AND THE CRIK DON'T RISE ,  but I don't think I have to be silent on THIS blog.  SURELY there is something I can talk about that doesn't involve harsh language,  criticism of others,  anger,  irritation.     Ok,  then why have a blog you ask?   I see it as my entrance into the 20th century (or is it the 21st?  I get confused.  And don't say anything about me homeschooling.  It's all a learning process)

thanks for reading,


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Story of my Snake Bite!! by Abigail

Today I was walking with the chickens and I was running to catch them.  But then I felt something bite me.  It was a snake.  Suddenly,  I was running in the house screaming.  And everyone was rushing around trying to find what snake it was.  My brother Noah and my sister Rachael were trying to cure me.  It was three dots.  We found the snake in a burn pile (note to parents!! burn piles are bad!)   Then my sister Haley caught it in a bucket and then my dad said,  "Is your foot swelling up?" 
And then I said,  "No, it's just two red dots is all."   And so I said to my mom,  "I always wanted to be bit by a snake."  (note to parents:  If your child says that,  review what shows they are watching and books they are reading and possibly take them to a child psychologists!!)



Victorian Magic Lantern Show and Snakes

What do these two have in common? In my life, they are two events, one enjoyed and one ..not so much.


Here is a you tube of the history and examples of a Magic Lantern Show.  I was enthralled.  I talk to the tv and in movies (sorry)  and I was so excited that in these shows I can participate ....  and people still like me.  In fact, they ask me to say things, and clap, and sing.  I felt loved and needed.  If the Traveling Theater Company comes to town,  go see, with kids, who will think you are crazy to be laughing at pictures and shush you for contributing.  Not that my kids did that, or my nieces either.  They just moved a few seats away.  (Just kidding..but they wanted to!!)

Now for the snake bite.  I was out getting vitamins for my sickly and weak family and I received a phone call from my husband who is at work that my 6 yr old who is at home has been bit by a snake and that the 14 yr who is also at home has panicked.  This 14 yr is great to get a job done, but not so level headed in emergencies.  I zoom home just under the speed limit and find the 6 yr old on the couch smiling, saying,  "I always wanted to be bit by a snake!!!"   I don't know where she gets this adventuresome spirit but I would rather her NOT think this was FUN.  (These kids are so weird.)  So we have  snake in a bucket ready for our snake liking friend at church to identify later tonight,  and a 6 yr old who can't wait to show off her bite marks, (the bit did not swell and get read, it looks like two tiny holes)  and  a mother who would like everyone to know that THESE THINGS HAPPEN TO PEOPLE ALL THE TIME AND DO NOT NECCESSARILY REFLECT MY PARENTING SKILLS OR LACK THERE OF. 

thanks for reading,


ps.  If you want to see a picture of the snake,  scroll down.  If you can help identify,  please HELP.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Continuing Education

Remember when I talked about guilt a couple of days ago?   Boy howdy---guilt.  But then I said I would seek how God wants me to live in His grace.  I looked on my bookshelves (I will try to squeeze in a note on books etc.  in every post just so you know how much I love books!)  and there were a few on grace,  some I had read and some I had not.  I chose The Disciplines of Grace    by Jerry Bridges.  So far ch 1 has been very enlightening.  I hope it gets encouraging SOON.  I did learn about balancing the gospel (my need for a savior and Christ death satisfying God's demand for payment for my sins....  AMAZING!)  with the disciplines of the Christian walk.  I tend to want to stay in the discipline, but then I beat myself up for not being perfect.  That's when I need to go back and remind myself of the gospel and fall in love with Christ all over.  So much more in the ch but that's my version in a nutshell.  I bet I begin to show a little more grace to my family when I figure out what it is and what it looks like.  I bet they would like that...don't you?!!

ON ANOTHER NOTE....  I had to make up exams for my 9th grader today.   She has finished 12 weeks of school and I needed to know what she had remembered and learned.  Sometimes exam week is exhilarating..they get it, they really do.  Then sometimes it's the in maybe I should have their hearing checked cause they sure didn't see this question coming.   Making up question makes me have to know what they are learning also.  I bet I get really smart.  Surely after reading the same book 4X"S  I should know something or other. 

Still working on the oldest will be helping me on it.  Should be a good bonding in I am in BONDAGE to her ideas and whims.  HELP!!

thanks for reading,


ps.  The girls and I are going to a Victorian Lantern Show tonight.  What's that you ask?  I will tell you tomorrow!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

*&^%$#^&*.. Ok, not really, more like WHAT?

Learning anything new, like how to set up and LIKE my blog, is very difficult for me. Well, figuring out how to mute the tv is difficult, setting up a blog is like designing a rocket to the moon.  So if things change a LOT some, as in daily,  I am just trying to figure out Greek the blog world.  Will take tips,  especially from people who give directions like,  "Just turn by the blue house with the swing on the porch,  keep going till you see Macdonalds,  (stop and get a coke!!) and then you should see the big white church with the 3 crosses on top."  I understand that language!!

thanks for reading,


The Lord's Day

Last night in bed,  at 11 pm (which I then remembered was like 12 pm)  I started wondering how people blog.  I had little snippets of thoughts that would be fun for me to ramble on about.  Church family,  books, ( A GIVEN!!)   food I am trying to learn to cook,  our schooling/learning life,  daily happenings of the kids.   How do people choose? 

This is how I chose today's thoughts.  What was so important that I wanted everyone to know about?  My church family.  Now don't get me wrong,  I have an amazing blood family and I will have LOTS to say about them some other time.  But my other "blood" family is so unique and comforting and convicting and FUN.   We sing like an old mountain church does with 4 part harmony and special called-upon singers.  We are taught straight from the most perfect book in the world, God's word.  Sometimes we disagree on application but we love each other more because of it.  We EAT all the time together and then come back at night to do it all again,  sometimes including the eating.  Most important,  there is a special love that overlooks faults,  encourages, teases,  prays for and envelopes those who decide to become of  a part of this crazy family.  I love it and wouldn't want to be anywhere else on Sunday. ( or Wednesday, or Thursdays special get together, or Friday recitals, or.....)  Thanks CHURCH!!  Thanks LORD!!

to the readers,


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Can We Do It?

There are so many reasons why keeping up this family blog would be great.  The kids would get to learn about .... well computer stuff which I don't know about;   I would get to write out frustrations my thoughts and sort of keep an online diary;  far away family (like those Sibrerians)  would get to see more of our life and we can share in theirs as well,  and generally we would all get more computer time,  but as a family. 

So,  I again begin to again post.   And today is a let me get things out day.  I just read a post, (and as soon as I learn how to link I will link) about being driven by guilt or grace.  I am definately a guilt person.  I think back on my day and say oh I didn't do that correctly or I should have done this.   Not good for me as I am always thinking God is probably so disappointed in me today.  This translates to my kids living with guilt because I am saying what we should or shouldn't have done.  Not good for them,  doesn't teach a right perspective of God.  Then again, how do learn to live in grace?  So that is where I will be for awhile, probably for a lifetime cause I have lived almost half my statistical life. 

On a less spiritual note,  do you know I have a real problem with books?   As in,  I love to feel them, look at them, smell them and most of all read them?   And do you know this can be a problem when my husband says no more bookshelves and I have books that need a home?  And did you know this next weekend is the last library book sale of the year?   I promise myself each time I go I will only spend so much and no more, never more than a spot, cause something may happen and I definately know what?  (what book is that from)
So,  off I go again, and I think I will set my limit a little higher this time so I won't feel GUILT about bringing home 3 boxes of books.  (They are only .50 - 1.00 each,  please) 

This post is very long, but what do you expect after 8 months of living and thinking?  
Thanks for reading, family!!