Saturday, October 29, 2011

Things I have ALREADY done

So,  after my long list of what I WANT to do, (and I've thought of even more,  like renovating an old French Country House and living there part time)  I thought I would share some of what I HAVE try and be more thankful and meditate on blessings...seems only right.

Born in Taiwan,  don't remember but it's a cool thought.

Camped in a snow storm...well,  an Arkansas snow storm.

Lived 3 years in the Middle East..and I will probably rest here awhile and list things like

Shopped in a Souk

Attended a Sheik's daughter's wedding.

Stayed in a hotel in the the sea

Camped in the desert,  on the coast by the sea where the way led between two small mountains

that's not me, by the way,  just a great shot of what it looked like.

Learned to water ski in the Persian Gulf

Celebrated New Years Eve on the beach using Swiss chocolate for s'mores

Had a sun rise service on Easter on the beach with people from India, Pakistan, England, France, America,  China,  and other nations

Lived my whole life with the same parents ...I consider that a great wonder of this nation..and top it with the fact that they led me to Jesus.

Spent two weeks in Spain, driving up the coast to Portugal, and down the coast to Gibraltar,  (because we missed the outgoing plane to America...ah...shucks!!)

Visited London, Scotland, Paris,  Amsterdam,  Germany, Bahrain, (and oh the stories!!)

Ate real Italian Pizza in Italy

Hadg people of many nations eat in our home for Sunday lunch, and not leave until 10 pm or later because the fellowship was so precious.

Walked through a forest on the perfect fall day, crisp air, blue skies, leaves falling, birds twittering, with my husband and children

I think I  could go on and on and on...and so could many of you.  Much of this sounds boastful, but really I had no control over these experiences.  They were ones we had because of circumstances,  location, and adventuresome parents.  I am so thankful for all the opportunities I have had,  especially all the wonderful people I have known and still continue in friendship with.  God has been so gracious to allow these in my life...and I think that the longings we have for great and wonderful adventures and experiences may be our soul's desire for heaven.  As Christians we have a large part of us that longs to be with Christ and experiences "real" life....our eternal life...the one that will go on and on and on....

I love the book Heaven by Randy Alcorn.   He writes of all that we KNOW of heaven, and then what COULD be...and it is exciting to think of.  If you pick one book on heaven to read,  I highly recommend this one.  It's not a one nighter...plan on spending a couple of months reading it little by little. 

thanks for reading,


Monday, October 24, 2011

That's not my problem!

Lately, I have needed some wise council on a few things going on in my life.  I was very nervous about taking to someone about them because I felt silly...foolish...weak....a tattle tale...a whiner....not dependent on the Lord,  I will stop here.  But I heard someone speak at a conference this past winter and what she said was clearly from the Lord...permission to seek wise council. 

I have learned many things from talking to this council,   things which surprised me about myself.  But one thought has truly changed my life,  my stress load and how I view my job here on earth...


They are simple words,  and I surely don't yell them,  although truth be told I would LOVE to.  But they are simple.   I have viewed  many situations, emotions,  outcomes to be my responsibility...not my emotions and outcomes but others.  And these 4 little words are to me a revelation.

 Many problems and situations out there are not mine to bear.  If someone woke up in a bad mood,  it is not my problem that they are not happy.  If someone did not finish a responsibility they took on,  and will/are suffering consequences,  that was not my fault and I am not to take on the responsibility for this
If I say something that is truth,  and not hurtful or intended to hurt, but to point out a situation that needs attending,  their reaction is not my responsibility.   I have so much I AM responsible thoughts,   the intentions of my heart,  my words, my actions.   But someones else's is not mine to take...and I am actually hurting them (and myself) by taking it. 

This is probably a very simple, already-done-that-thought for most of you...but it takes me YEARS to get things.  It will probably take me years to learn  not take on everyone's STUFF.

SO.... if you happen to tell me something,  and expect me to somehow fix it or take the blame for it..BEWARE...

I will probably look at you very sweetly,  smile, and say...


thanks for reading,


Saturday, October 22, 2011

What's on YOUR list?

I have been thinking, as you ALL know,  about traveling a lot these days.  That brought to mind all the things I want to do in this life.  Some of them I most likely won't be able to do, and that's ok because I know in the life after this...eternity with Christ...there will be things to do that I didn't know even existed as a possibility and will blow all those EARTHLY things out of the water. 

UNTIL THEN,  here are a few I have been thinking about lately.

Take a class in specialized cooking. 

Go on a very long trip to Europe

Visit Taiwan,  the place of my birth.

Refinish a piece of furniture and like it when I am finished. 

Build a small cabin.

Go on a mission trip,  short or long term.

Build a two story library with a rolling ladder.   (Think Beauty and the Beast,  SIGH!)

Make a quilt

Write a book

Play Maple Leaf Rag  (with my eyes closed)

Have High Tea in NYC

Make my own soap

Have High Tea in London

Take a 50 state trip with my little family and see all the great wonders and historical sites of the 49 great states and one plane trip to the 50th out there in the Pacific. 

Take a ride on the Orient Express.

Go to the Orchestra in Prague

Learn to make cheese...maybe from my own goats and cows.

As I site here I could go on and on.  Some of these are attainable.   They require me to set aside time and learn and do.   Some,  well,  let's just say we don't believe in the lottery and I have no rich relations.   It is fun to think about and to even look online and see some of the places.  I am getting the idea though, that maybe I should just begin at home and do what I can,  then work my way up the list...or down...or pick and choose as they come. 

thanks for reading,


p.s.  As I reflect on this post,  my minds stray to the pleasant memories of all the things I HAVE done.  I think those memories reflect  in the things I want to do.  Maybe we are more strongly influenced by our upbringings than I have previously thought.  Gracious...I better start thinking of what I want my kids to desire when they are grown.  Gotta go work some things out. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How did I get here and what do I do now?

It is 10:00 a.m. on a Wed. morning.  There is a very brisk wind blowing,  we are all wearing sweats, socks, jackets and drinking hot tea.  I have nothing to do at the moment.  What was that...nothing?  OK,  well something, but not what I HAVE done for the past 10 yrs.  HELPED SOMEONE WITH SCHOOL!!!  That's right..all my children are able to work on their own, read on their own, watch the math video on their own,  which leaves me with.....TIME ON MY HANDS!   And I do not do well with time on my hands.

SOOO,  you ask,  what am I doing with this time...?  Dreaming....about  this....


(It's in France...just so you know..)

AND this...


and even this,   with a little renovation...cause we are SOOO good at getting right on those projects..



I also can't get enough of this show...

House Hunters International

When you can't visit all the nations of the world,  take a trip via the internet and see where they live and where they want to live.  My mom and sister and I Love this show.  If you have 20 min.,  go to HGTV to the full episodes and take your pick of country...France,  Spain,  England,  even Morocco.   Fascinating. 

But watch out,  you may become addicted to traveling and even dream of renovating homes,  eating at a pub or side walk cafe,  buying bread at a store that ONLY sells bread, and walking beaches,  mountains, and vast terrains.  It's got to be better than asking my husband to spend 1000,s of dollars on plane tickets,  new shoes,  hotels and food.  HMMMM,  is it better?  Is it even a good way to spend my new found time?  Let's just call it geography and count it for school. 

thanks for reading,


Monday, October 10, 2011

Favorite Show EVER!!

OK,  so...we don't watch a ton of tv around here...not much on that isn't steeped in perversion...and reason #200098  for homeschooling is to push back the age of exposure..BUT...

our favorite show is....

I specifically plan no lessons or errands or dates or..or...anything just to be home at 7 pm to watch.  I have not been a big fan of reality game shows,  but this....
only voices,  no instruments,  no extras.   And the judges are ..well..goofy.   But the singers...WOW!

We each have our favorites.  I am loving the girl group Delilah,

and North Shore.  OH BOY what a great group of men.

My daughter and son love Pentatonix.

We have others that we like but these are our favorites.  

If you have nothing to do on Monday nights and need a filler...of course you could immerse yourself in something profitable like the studying of God's Word and service to others,  or you could immerse yourself in the culture and follow along,  like we are...and waste your time...and fill your head with songs you had never heard before...and you will have to tell your young children not to sing that song, it isn't nice and was only cleaned up for the pick another one like Bring in the Sheaves or no one knows we watch this stuff on tv.

  Except now you do.

  Please don't judge me.

thanks for reading,



I am extremely talented husband somehow fixed this machine that hasn't worked for 3 or 4 weeks....and now there are so many posts I want to do I don't know where to begin. 

Sweet potatoes...boy howdy..

Travelling...I have been watching travel channels for days now...

Tables...still working on one

Chairs...still working on one...

And as a side note,  I REALLY DESPISE CRAFTING!!!!

Life..still happening.

Arkansas living...thought you might like to know what we do around here for fun...besides raise chickens..

Swim meets...had our first official USA meet...interesting..

But for now,  we'll just get on with the menu for the week...such as it is...

Mon.   Chicken Fried Steak which my talented 15 yr old will make,  probably with mashed tators and a salad

Tues.   Broccoli Quiche...apples and carmel sauce

Wed.  Some kind of grilled sandwich with fruit and raw veggies

Thur.  Curried Lentils and Potatoes from Hillbilly Housewife (if I find the link will post)

Fri.  Breakfast with Cinnamon rolls.  I Feel the NEED!!

Sat.   Probably pizza calzones...just sayin'

So there we go...a weeks worth of menu items.   Enjoy your week.

thanks for reading,