Friday, January 7, 2011

Bumps on the Road

Yesterday, I took a friend and my daughter to take the test to get their learners permit. I read the rules, wrote everything down, went to find the birth certificate.....and couldn't find it. I. LOOKED. EVERYWHERE! I finally found her SS card and a hand written card from the hospital where she was born. We took that up and the officer behind the desk smiled, and said, " That's not going to work." WHAT? Doesn't having a SS card mean she is alive? Doesn't the little hand written note saying she weighed 8'9" mean she was clearly born? Dont' we look alike?

Needless to say we left without a permit. We promptly went to Chic Fil A to suck down consoling milkshakes, and a congrat one for the friend who was responsible enough to know where his birth certificate was. Organized freak!

On the way home, we wondered if my daughter was a projection of our imagination...and what crimes she could commit seeing as she didn't really exist.

After dragging ourselves in to the house, my husband comes out of the room with a document...SHE REALLY EXISTS..AND WE HAVE PROOF.....her birth certificate. We were groaning, laughing, screaming, and planning. For we were going today to get that darn permit.

The ending is that she passed with flying colors, got her paper and we are off.

The moral is, PUT THOSE DOCUMENTS IN A SAFE, EASY TO FIND PLACE.. and eating a large Chic Fil A milkshake WILL make your stomach hurt for hours.

Look out people, here she comes.

thanks for reading,