Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Perfect Mellow Evening

I am sitting in a big comfy chair,

listening to mellow  CHRISTmas music,  with the tree lights on, 

creamy coffee in a mug,

and listening to my 6 yr old tell how she is making stores and planning streets with her Peoplies. (little people, but we call them peoplies, sound better!!).

 This to me is a perfect evening.  Kids reading,  time to think, talk,  look at my kids growing before my eyes,  (ok not so much this part but it is part of the night).  I seem to be missing something though.....A FIRE!  Yes,  we have a wood burning stove but no wood.  I may be taking the kids out tomorrow and finding me some.  Doesn't it seem as if there are very few of these kinds of night?  We seem to always be going,  to music lessons, to church, to run errands...and sometimes,  like tonight,  when we do have mellow evenings,  it almost feels guilty, but it shouldn't.  I should just feel thankful and enjoy it.  So I will. 

I was going to post about our CHRISTmas decorating.  I will post some pics tomorrow.  But if I post about decorating it won't peaceful and mellow.  Decorating makes me want to curl up and suck my thumb,  or run far far away.   But tonight I will leave you with a couple of peaceful, mellow pictures.  I hope your evening is mellow like jello. 

thanks for reading,