Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mountain Time

I would like to introduce a special guest blogger today.  He has his own blog over on  But it's not getting much play.  He usually has a good perspective on our "outings".  Please welcome......the big D.

Good evening folks...thank you for having me tonight.  I shall endeavor to entertain you with the trip to the top of Petit Jean Mountain that we took this last Friday.  I had decided earlier in the week that we needed a family outing, and this was a perfect day for such a perfect plan.  I DID have to wait for the Normans to conquer the Book Sale, but once they did that, we met here at home and got the car loaded up with Frisbees, grills and food, and hit the road.

The first stop was at the visitor center, where the crafty young park employee starting getting a little fresh with my oldest daughter...not smart.  I drug them all out, and we headed across the gorge for the Boy Scout trail.  There is a gorgeous overlook at the bottom, and we enjoyed hanging out and taking pics of ourselves and the view.  That is also where we took the family pic over there ---->

We headed over to the big cave as well, and then spent some time just sitting on rocks and chatting amongst ourselves...we paired off, and it was really a peaceful time...a breeze blowing, the sun slowly setting.

After that, we hot-footed it across the Turtle Rocks to our car, and went to find a nice picnic spot.  We pulled the van over by it, had the Chieftains playing out the windows, and I fired up the grill to cook potatoes and Brats/dogs.  We ate til we were stuffed, roasted marshmallows, and played frisbee until you just couldn't see anymore.  By that time, we were just about ready to hit the trail for....home.  A beautiful day that the Lord had made, and we enjoyed His creation...

Thanks for reading...