Monday, February 28, 2011

Once a Month Cooking and Menu Monday

At the book sale a friend came over and said,  "Do you have this book?  It is wonderful."  Of course, I bought it.  Sheesh.  It's a book, right, for .50.   It is by Deborah Taylor-Hough.

I am still looking and thinking.  There is a section about how to cook and freeze two weeks worth of meals and I think that would be a great start.  I have a problem though.  I do plan my meals each week,  but sometimes I get the urge just to cook something different.  Like Indian food, or Chinese, or Mexican, or food that reminds me of a book I just read.  I think that having the meals in the freezer will be great,  a good preventative to going out or picking up pizza, although we don't do either too much.  So, instead  of thinking so much on this,  (it's not THAT big of a deal)  I am going to take the plunge and do it.  Next weekend, after the Memphis conference  that is this weekend.  Let me know if you have ever tried this kind of cooking or have wanted to.

So now to the Menu part of this post.

Mon.  Tonight is VERY busy with us leaving the house at 4 and some getting home earlier and some not til 9 or so.  I had made refried beans last week for quick lunches and left some of the pinto beans whole to make up a quick supper (dare I say I have already begun cooking and freezing and it is great?)  So pinto beans with leftover sausage and rice and cornbread.

Tues.  Slow Cooker Loose Meat Sandwiches  These look really good and I like that we MIGHT be able to have leftovers for lunch.

Wed.  Homemade Pizza  --Since I will be gone from Thur to Sat night,  I want to leave the family WANTING me to come home.  Homemade pizza should do the trick.

Thur.  I will premake Mac and Cheese and toss a salad before I go.  They will love it!    My eldest and I, ON THE OTHER HAND, will be eating at some great BBQ joint in Memphis.  Anyone have one they love?

Fri.   We tend to make Fri. nights breakfast night.  They can do this on their own.  I will write out directions for the 9 yr old to make Monkey bread with canned biscuits, butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon.  I, ON THE OTHER HAND, will be eating a sandwich and going to a Tim Hawkins concert and laughing my head off.  Hopefully not literally.  I really need what little there is left in there.

Sat.  Dad can take them to Wendy's as a treat.  They may be going to a concert anyway.  I, ON THE OTHER HAND,  don't know what our plans are for this night.

Sun.  Potlunch at church.  Probably cookies and a chicken casserole I can make up quickly Sun. morning

Next week I can write out all the meals for my big cooking day. Maybe I can convince my sister to come over and do it with me.  It would be way more fun. 

thanks for reading,


ps.  Don't forget to tell me your favorite book and why.  Give away ends Sat.