Monday, January 3, 2011

New Day

Today is a new day.  I have a couple of children that need to hear that frequently.  Heck,  I NEED to hear that every morning.  Today in my Bible reading,  I thought how God made a new day for us after the flood.  What was that day like?  No other people,  things greening up like spring,  chaotic weather patterns I am sure.  I wonder if it was very quiet.  I wonder if Noah thought about doing things different and intentional parenting and grandparenting, and being a good husband and staying closer to the Lord than before.  A new day,  a new year, a new beginning. 

I pray that for all who feel last year wasn't their year.  God is gracious and kind and generous and forgiving  and earnest and righteous and worthy to be feared.  He is AMAZING.   Here is an old video that I love.  I want to shout AMEN after listening.  I think I will. 

And just to add a little more UMPH!


thanks for reading,