Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Collaboration

Just a few notes for the few who follow.  My eldest will be going on a 9 DAY road trip with her grandparents beginning tomorrow.  She is REQUIRED to post daily about her trip.  We are on pins and needles waiting to hear the comparisons of all the different Cracker Barrels along the way!!! 

My son doesn't want to blog because he just said his life is uneventful right now, but when my eldest gets a car he will have something to blog about.   What he doesn't realize is that his sister will NOT be getting a car anytime soon,  so I am assuming his life will remain uneventful for a good while.  Maybe until he gets married, then his wife can drive him around and he can find EVENTS.  Which is not a guarantee, the wife or events.

Here is a short book review of Meet Julie,  an American Girl book  my second daughter just read.

Julies parents are divorced.  She loves basketball,  but the team is a boys only and the coach refuses to let her play,  and while she is asking pepole to sign her petition she loses her best friend.  When everything seems hopeless,   she is let onto the team.

I would recommend this book.  I learned when things seem hopeless, don't give up.


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Day to Day

The last two days have been very low key and ...normal.   No major upsets, no major catastrophes, no big melt downs, nothing BIG.    Which is very wonderful and calming and relaxing.  I have been trying to give exams for the end of our first twelve weeks of school.  They have gone well.  I am surprised by the the detail and word usage of these young learners.  They really emulate what they hear and read.  SO PICK GOOD BOOKS, NOT TWADDLE,  FOR YOUR KIDS AND THEY WILL TALK INTELLIGENTLY AND CARRY ON WONDERFUL CONVERSATION. 

I homeschool using the Charlotte Mason method.  I would relate the who, what, where, and so on  but a simple google would tell you all.  I found her through my mother,  (who introduces me to great things quite often) who found a book by Susan Schaeffer Macauley title For the Children's Sake.   A great book for anyone to read even if you are not contemplating homeschooling.  All children must be educated and this helps to figure out the best way, either using a great school or keeping/bringing them home.  And for those who say I can't because...  I am a mostly living example that yes you can.  Don't tell me about difficult clashes of personalities,  needing lots of quiet,  not knowing where to find what.  Been there,  doing that and I think I see some progress.  And I am not talking about in the KIDS. 

I tell my oldest she is "the experiment" all the time.   I hope it lessens the impact of the many changes and mistakes I make on and for her.  Like the time she was going to read a book titled Never Give In.

 I found the title of the book at the library, we brought it home,  and I had her read 6-10 speeches by Winston Churchill.   ( I thought he was a great speaker,  and enjoyed reading his earlier speeches.)  After a few weeks of this,  we (I) realized the book we were looking for was a simple biography of Churchill,

  much more interesting read for a SIXTH GRADER.   Poor child.  But the good news is that for the next 3 there will be much less drama and change in their life.  God is preparing my oldest for something  GREAT I know. 

Maybe I will tell you about what she is learning this next 12 weeks.  I find it interesting when others do that, but since this blog is mainly for family and close friends, they may not really care or already know.  We'll see.

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