Monday, January 10, 2011


Here in Arkansas, as my mom said on her blog,  Under Her Wings,  if there is even a prediction of snow,  the "school" kids get a snow day.  We homeschoolers take a teacher work day,  and if you think I am making this up for the gov't institutions,  you haven't seen the  hot cocoa mugs lined up on the counter,

 my laundry basket filled with ONLY snow day clothes,

  and the blankets and games spread out.

 It is WORK around here.  ANNNNNDDD,  since I am the teacher.....

This is the first snow day of there year,  and the first snow my CHICKENS have ever seen.

 I wasn't sure what they were going to do.  I have read different things.  But I have some "plucky"  chickens.  I think the cold gets to their feet and I do have one that has stayed in the coop all day.   But I am really proud of them.  Now to see if they layed any eggs.  Just sent my youngest back out to check. 

My kids had a blast in the snow.  We had a friend over who "said" he hadn't been sledding in a few years.  I don't get we dressed him up in my husbands clothes

and sent him out.  I think he had a blast.  But he won't really say anything except,  "It's alright."  I am begging for a little enthusiasm here. 

If you didn't have snow today, or won't ever, or have it and are sick of it,  I pray your day is wonderful still!!  Ours sure was.

Tomorrow we are off to Florida.  It should be...interesting.  Anyone else married to someone who does "vacations"  differently?  I'll let you know how it goes.

thanks for reading, 


ps.  Aren't these cardinals brilliant? 

pss.  We are going to St. Augstine one day.  Anyone have strong opinions on what to see and what not to see?  Let me know soon.  As in by tomorrow morning. 

psss.  Is there even such a thing as psss?  What comes after that?