Thursday, June 9, 2011

This and That

I am soooooo tired.  This week has been incredibly busy and will be for another 5 days.  Almost depressing to think about. 

We have been swimming,  fixing meals,  going to see a working steam engine,  dr's appts.,  dress fittings for a reenactment,  building a pond,  and the other life issues which come up.  Here are a couple of random pics since my brain can't make a full cohesive post.

I officially DON"T LIKE digital film.  This picture, and many, many others,  are still on my phone and computer.  Who else misses taking 32 shots,  pulling out the film,  mailing it off, getting pics in the mail and then scrapbooking that months prize photos?  Now I have to have an official "put pics in order, compare with what's been printed, and order pics" day.  I may need lots of Twizzlers for that!!

I am really missing a little of this.  I think we could have an indoor ski slope or snow machine for those really hot days (like this week!).  We could pay to play in the snow.  HMMM.  Maybe I should look into this..

My eldest daughter,  MISS CREATIVITY, made this for me for Valentines Day.  It is cut from fruit and bread.  My own bouquet.  She is a delight.

Who would have thought that this could go to ...

in 4 short months.  I am amazed each morning I go out and check on my plants.  I can't believe the Lord took the time to make these grow.  He is AWESOME!

And these little cuties have gone from this to...

in less than three months.  I will be looking for an egg in 8 weeks.  Yes,  I am counting.

Swimming is early tomorrow so I am off.  I will try to take that new camera of mine to the pool.  I bet it takes great shots. 

thanks for reading,