Monday, November 22, 2010

Grace, Grace, God's Grace

Finally, I have found the part that was SUPPOSED to comfort me. But it made me feel a little GUILTY for not walking in it. I am trying to get beyond the guilt but I think I need more that 3 CHAPTERS to do it!!! I know the law let me know how bad a sinner I really am/was. I know I looked upon Jesus and by the faith He GAVE me I believed He took my sins on the cross and paid MY penalty for my sin, and now my debt is paid in full and I walk in HIS righteousness. It's the how that always kinks me up. I think daily (possibly moment by momently) I need to "agree with my conscience that I am guilty, but then remind it that guilt has already been borne by Christ." (Mr. Bridges)

That would do two things, help me walk more by faith and not by law, and also be VERY THANKFUL to Christ as I am reminded daily of how much He loves me and what He did for me. It might even change the way I do things around here. Like help remove some selfishness, and look at circumstances in light of His great love for me, and help me look at things more eternally and maybe be more gracefilled with my fmaily. But don't look to soon, remember, I am JUST now working on this. It takes some people YEARS to learn their job well. Mine will be a LIFETIME. See me in heaven about how I am doing.

I had a post worked up about Saturdays. But I was in a cooking mood and couln't get my head around typing. But I feel that now I can look BACK on yesterday (now 2 days ago)and write with a sound mind. You'll see. (he he he)

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ps. Tried to publish this yesterday but couldn't. Today will may be a busy blog day. Haley is at Bush Gardens probably riding every roller coaster she can. The rest of us are busy at home. But as you know that could turn out pretty exciting.

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