Sunday, February 6, 2011

Redecorating update!!

Really,  I don't know how much you really want to know about my redecorating around here.  It is MAJOR in my in nauseating   consuming,  but  I know if I go to another blog and only see a partial redo,  I like to see the finished.  Here is a short update with a couple of pics.  Feel free to let me know of any changes you might make,  not including the WALL COLOR.  Must keep that awhile and let it grow on me. 

We'll begin in a corner of the room.  I love this chair  for reading and praying.  The shelves and books have to stay for school reasons,  and I love looking at books.

We swing around to the wall facing the chair, or the wall the chair faces depending on where you are located in the room.  This the music corner.  We play 6 instruments  and a harmonica that is  lying around somewhere.  This stuff has to stay, although I am working up a collage for above the piano.

Now we are looking at the room from the entrance by the door.  I love this view...cause I can see many, (not all)  the books.  Again,  I am working up decor for over the little book shelf here and on the other side of the couch.  Probably a cute chalk board and map.  They need to be useful as well and pleasing to the eye  (hmm,  Charity, dear?)

And now one my youngest took of her sister.  They love books so much,  they must sit with them, smell them, organize them.  Just kidding. That last part was just dreaming!! They love books, but usually the children are found in every possible room, yes even the bathroom, with them.  And I find them all over the place.  They just pick up a book, read their favorite parts, and then go for another.  I guess this is ok.  I am probably over analyzing but really,  can't they just stick with one thing at a time? Is this a sign I have not taught them consistency,  or follow through, or  even how to pick up?   Breathe, Rebekah.   It's just they love books.  And I didn't teach them to pick up.

Ok,  so there is the room.  I am posting a before shot of the blue entrance wall.   When SEPTEMBER and I can get together,  I will show you the results.  But don't hold your breath.  Between the two of us, I don't know how we sleep.  Or do we?   

thanks for reading,


Getting to Know .....ME!

As if you didn't already know me....Linda over at Prairie Flower Farm blog is having a question and answer time...5 questions.   I am copying them here and will send her the link.  That way you can read them and she can also. 

1. Would you rather be knitting, crocheting, hand stitching doing embroidery, sewing using your sewing machine or all of the above?

Actually..I am a crafter wantabe.   I have a difficult time figuring out the how tos of hand stitching, although I did some rough cross stitching when I was in my teens.  I love the IDEA,  but the actually doing is so frustrating I can't stand it for long.  Put it this way.  My 11 yr old son and 6 yr old daughter had to show me numerous times how to use a knifty knitter.  Sad...but very TRUE!  maybe someday. 

2. Do you have any kind of crafty or sewing thing that you are working on now?

See above answer and no.

3. Do you like to cook from scratch or do you use prepared food?

AHHH,  a question I CAN answer well.  I love to cook from scratch.  There is something amazing to me about mixing and stirring and cutting and boiling and WALLAH,  there is wonderful, filling, nourishing food on the table.  I have loved learning how to make breads,  of all kinds, and now am learning how to make homemade cakes,  something I have NOT been good at in the past.  And something I can thank CAKE BOSS for,  he inspired me.

4. Will you have a garden this next summer......what will you grow and will you start your own seeds?

I will have a garden this year,  hopefully beginning soon, although the weather has been cold here lately.  I will grow tomatoes,  carrots, lettuce, broccoli, peppers, beans, corn, melons.   Some from seed, some not.  I have a list of foods I want to try like potatoes, both sweet and regular,  some herbs,  and a variety of heirloom tomatoes.

5. Do you live in the city or on a farm which would you rather if you could?

We say we pretend to live in the country.  We live 1/2 mi outside city limits,  so we can thankfully have chickens and other livestock if we want.  We all LOVE the idea of living in the country on a farm,  but not sure if we really have the GUTS to do it.  It's take a lot of hard work and love of the field.  I was raised an Air Force brat so I can get around a city,  but I have a natural love for....the natural.   Maybe some day. 

Well,  you know  a little more about me.  If you want,  you can copy and paste the questions and let me know a little more about you.  

thanks for reading,