Monday, February 21, 2011

The Day After

Have you ever heard a good sermon, or read a great article, or listened to a great speaker and thought,  "I am going to do that as soon I get home and get it together."   My brain has usually forgotten whatever it was by the time I get out of the church or car or get up from the chair.  But NOT this time!! 

This past weekend my mom, sister, sister-in-law, good friend and myself went to a MOM HEART Conference by the Clarksons in Las Colenas, in Dallas. This was my 3rd year and my friends 4th.  I LOVE IT.  I can never decide if it is the drive down with great conversation and laughter,  or the good food at restaurants we don't have here in Arkansas, or the wonderful hotel,  or the dreamy BEDS,  which I get to sleep in ALONE),  or the conference with singing, talking, laughing and crying, or the walking around the lake and more talking, or just the time to think, read, and pray.  It is probably ALL OF IT. 

I was convicted...AGAIN.. of bringing beauty into my children's lives,  of being patient and kind and loving and forgiving like Christ,  to enjoy life so my children will enjoy life,  to read great books to them....oh wait,  I do that... I love that Sally reaffirms books..(there is another sale this weekend!!  HIP HIP HURRAH!!)  I will try to bring out some of the great quotes I wrote down.  Here is the first one.   "Do you wake up TO your kids, or FOR your kids." 

Now I wake up BEFORE my kids, but many days as they wake up I am thinking,  "Oh no,  here they come.  Brace yourself, Rebekah."  Not the best thinking is it.  But I heard some great things this weekend, simple things like telling my kids what I prayed for them that morning,  encouraging them for the day. 

And as for bringing more beauty into their lives,  I made lunch today of cheese, crackers, grapes and apple juice,  then we had cookies I bought at IKEA (another story).   I put them on glass antique party plates, and lit candles, and read to them from Emma and Company, by Ralph Moody.  Let's just say they were shocked surprised.  Their manners were great,  they listened well, and it was very enjoyable,  even in the midst of my allergy attack begun at IKEA.  (see another story)

I am sure I will fill you in on more from the conference and  car trip.   I am planning for next year already.

I would show you pictures, BUT  I CAN'T FIGURE OUT HOW TO BRING A CAMERA OR DOWNLOAD PICS FROM THE WEB.    I will blame it on this ALLERGY ATTACK. 

thanks for reading,