Friday, November 26, 2010

Indians for Thanksgiving!!

We had the most wonderful Thanksgiving Day.  We live near an air base and there are many exchange airmen from around the world leaning the ins and outs of the plane.  Our church had invited a few men a couple of weeks ago to come eat and  visit and play games, and we were able to share about our faith with them.  They were so kind and talkative.  No quiet moments with this bunch. 

We have one tried and true tradition at is different every year,  with different people, sometimes we go, sometimes we stay.  The last two years we have stayed but had different cultures over.  So this year we decided to make it authentic and invite Indians not feather.  And it was delightful!  We talked,  shared jokes,  discussed homeschooling,  politics,  the Pilgrims,  and our faith.  We knew we were from different countries,  but it was amazing how similar we are.  My son began telling a joke and one of the men had already heard it from his daughter!!!  Did you know in India they have laughter clubs.  People gather together and one person starts fake laughing until someone else gets tickled and then they all burst out laughing.  Rao said it was for their health.  I think it would be a blast.  I wonder how it would go over in church,  after prayer and before the sermon.   You know Proverbs says laughter is good medicine.  SIGH!!  The thoughts that go through my head...I am glad know one can read them!!!  Thanksgiving is such a great time to invite other cultures and faiths over and be able to share who Christ is with them.  It is as if God sent the mission field to us...and I am so glad that our "tradition"  allows for variety. 

We also had a family over we have  known just a short while, and what fun to get to know them.  They may never come back over after playing Dutch Blitz with us.  I am a little...COMPETITIVE!!!  As in,  I hope your ok I STOMPED ALL OVER YOUR EGO.   I think they are.   They asked Damon to come over and watch a game with them.....wait,  Damon,  not me.  HMM.  What if I promise to bring cookies and candy and flowers?  I'll beg. 

As usual this is wordy.  thanks for reading,


Playing Guestures.  They were very good.  And kept the score in their head,  not on paper.  I was impressed!!!

Making Indian coffee.  OH  MY GOODNESS!  And one of my sneaky kids drank most of mine.  Gotta watch the buggers.

The whole crew stuffed and happy. 


  1. A very good day indeed...

  2. I just caught up with things. Great posts! And Thanksgiving looked delightful. If I hadn't been in Titusville, I would have wanted to be there! Love you.


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