Thursday, December 15, 2011


Have you ever had experiences in your life that paralyze parts of you?  Where you go on living day to day,  working, talking, serving, but really the days are spent in prayer and wonder at what God is doing and how quickly can you learn it?  That's where I have been the past month....really.....well, and Colorado, but that was just a week.

So much many I will begin in Colorado.

Estes Park  ...We live in Arkansas....this was winter heaven to us.  We rolled in it,  made snow angels, threw it,  walked in it,  looked at it,  smelled it, ate it.    Fantabulous.

Doesn't even begin to describe what we saw.  And I think there are pics missing.  I know I took at least 100 just of mountains.  Majestic,  ethereal at times,  menacing,  incredible.  Our God is ....I will say Amazing but that is a very weak word. 

Eldora Ski Resort.  Can't say enough good things about it.  What a great place to go skiing for the first time.  People were helpful,  cheerful, kind, took great care of the kids.  I would go again if I could..hint hint, honey.  Four of us skied,  3 tried the snow boarding.  It is harder than you think. 

Yes,  we are missing some pics.  Gotta find those of our wonderful friends we stayed with, and their view of Pikes Peak right outside their back door.  Talking about praise and worship of our Creator. 

So...we are back and dealing with paralyzing situations, although God has some great medicine to help work through things and I am trusting it is the best.  Hopefully more posts soon of crafting...OH MY!!..whatever has become of the old Reb?  and cooking....  that's better, and reading...Oh Yes!! 

thanks for reading,