Monday, November 29, 2010

This and That turned Thankful

Do you ever have so many thoughts that you can't pick just one things to talk about?  I think I do that on every post.  But this one will be VERY scattered.  Just a little peek inside my brain (as if you don't know most of it anyways!!!) and inside my life.

A)  I went Black Friday shopping with my sister.  It was NOT intense..we met at 6:15 at Wally World and I spent a whopping  11 dollars.  But I LIKED what I bought.  We then trapsed to Old Navy and WOW...those people are nuts.  Some looked like they had been out all night....and really... for clothes that 3 months from now I will pick up at the GW clearance center for pennies.  SHEESH..I wanted to say,  "GET A LIFE,  FIND A NEW FRIEND,  COOK SOMETHING,  TAKE A WALK,  AND PLEASE DON'T WEAR YOUR JAMMY PANTS OUT OF THE HOUSE....but I didn't.  I just bought something so I would fit in with the crowd.  I liked what I bought.  We finished at Target and I picked up some stocking stuffers and a couple of little things.  I liked what I bought there.  To sum it all up:  I LIKED WHAT I BOUGHT!!!  THEN we went to Panera and had breakfast and talked for an hour...and can I say for the record  I HAVE THE BEST SISTER EVER.  I mean really,  we are so very different in how we look, what we like to do for fun,  music,  parenting,  but she  is my best friend besides my mom.  What a great God we have to bless me with her.  I LOVE YOU LIL' SIS!

B)  Saturday we went to the home of some new friends and I decided to take some craft stuff with me to do.  DID YOU HEAR THAT????  CRAFT STUFF?  I don't do crafts.  I like to look at craft blogs and dream that I want to do crafts,  I will even buy my girls stuff to do crafts.  But I have a love/hate relationship with crafts.  I want to LOVE to do them,  but I HATE the whole thing once it is finished.  But,  I had bought some felt to help my little girls make ornaments and crap stuff and took it over to cut things out and try to figure out what to do.  It would have been a very good thing, except I needed pinking shears...WHAT??  Scissors weren't good enough for this craft.  NOOOO,  I had to have PINKING Shears.  Sooooo,  my hate relationship won out.  Hopefully my really crafty daughter will pick up the ball and run with it,  very, very,  far away.  Thank you,  Haley.

C)  I met tonight with some wonderful ladies over coffee and chocolate.  Really, what ladies wouldn't be wonderful when you are full of coffee and chocolate.  This was our monthly Charlotte Mason support group.  It was lovely, and fun, and encouraging, and full of laughing,  and the Lord was over all.  Sweet ladies that help me each month to say,  "I can do this.  I am called to this.  They will survive and succeed...."   Thank you ladies. 

So,  this has really turned into a Thankful blog post.  And I am very thankful for the ladies God has placed in my life.  Even if they do intimidate me, and make me want to find the nearest book store or library and hide.  I could you know.  I did it once in Spain.  For hours.  I wonder if my mom even noticed I was gone.  She probably was very relieved.  I wonder...

thanks for reading,