Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Have you ever felt this way?  You have projects to do,  so many projects, and MOST are necessary to your home/life.  These projects relate to your home/life but your h/l is very BUSY.  But in order for the BUSY to run more smoothly you should get some of these projects finished.  BUT,  in order to finish them,  you must have TIME.  And the BUSY is not going away. 

Such a circle of confusion.  I have two posts I am working on but can't get them finished.  They would be great because of this....

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY (belated to you)!!  I actually received this on Thur. because we were going out of town and my dear husband wanted me to be able to take pictures.  He very kindly downloaded the owners manual  (what are THOSE?)  to  netbook and suggested I study it on the way.  I looked at 5 pages,  some did have pictures,  and closed it up.  I think I am a hands on/ visual leaner,  and that manuel wouldn't talk or demonstrate. 

I thought about looking at Pioneer Woman's lessons on photography,  but with all the BUSY going on,  it may be summer.  SUMMER???  Yes,  looks like we are busy through the end of June.  So much I could say here,  but will try to breathe instead.

thanks for reading,


I really am