Sunday, February 27, 2011

Give Aways

I don't sign up for many give aways on blogs.  For one I feel a little greedy, and for another better excuse,  I have a difficult time figuring out HOW TO SIGN UP FOR THEM.   I know,  what in the world am I doing in blog land?  My mom said it would be good and therapeutic.  Not sure about you, but it is nice to rant and rave and share things.  Kind of like a diary, which in my case is only read by a few and therefore really like a diary.

ANYWHO....I signed up for a give away over at Prarie Flower Farm.  She is friends with the ladies at Gooseberry Patch.  My daughter and I picked up a Christmas book of theirs from the library and LOVED IT. 

We made some of the crafts and would have kept it to make some recipes, but had to give it back.  I would love to own one of these.  If you want to sign up for the giveaway,  go over to Linda's.    She is such an encourager and loves Jesus.  I am encouraged just reading her blog. 

thanks for reading,



Good Finds at the Book Sale

This past Friday was the library book sale.  It comes around 3 times a year, and the whole family looks forward to it.  Well,  they look forward to the new books, but they have learned by now that it is not a couple of hours ordeal,  but MOST OF THE DAY and so they DON'T look forward to that. 

Sometimes I let them stay home with their older sister, or some of them come with me and some go to my sisters.  But this Friday they ALL had to come with me.  It BEHOOVES them to come because then they can look for books they really want, not just what I want.  And they found many many books this time.

We came home with over 70 books.  That may sound like SOOO many to some of you,  but if you divide that by 6 people, it is only 12 books per person.  That's not so bad, is it? 

I picked up a couple of books I had never heard of because I like to try different authors, especially if the book looks old.  One was a sweet book on Japan about a missionary family living there in the late 1800's.  I read through the first chapter and loved it.  I think Japan was on my mind because I found three books about Japan.  This next one is a factual book  titled Japan  by Cornelia Spencer.  I love the cover,  and the inside has some pretty good information also. 

  I tend to buy books sometimes based on the cover.  I do look through them, and look at the author, although sometimes the author has one good book and few others.  The last Japanese book was Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes by Eleanor Coerr.

This is a true story that takes place during and after the dropping of the Atomic Bomb in Japan.  I have heard great things about it,  sad but good.  So it looks like we may have to read up on Japan this spring.  Maybe buy a Japanese Cherry tree.  Oh,  I saw them blooming in D.C. the spring of my senior year.  Absolutely breath taking.  Not sure how they would do in the heat of Arkansas.

I may try to post more good finds.  I really love that books can teach,  transport, instruct, entertain, enlighten, and just plain add joy to a day.  If you haven't picked up a good one lately, and don't know what to pick up,  let me know.  I would LOVE to give you ideas.  I pick up sets of books I love, in order to give away.  In fact,  you wonderful readers,  email me your favorite book  and what you loved about it, and I will send you one of mine.  I guess this would be my first give away.  I will keep it open until Sat., March 5.  Then Sunday I will choose a winner, and mail it Monday, March 7. 

thanks for reading,