Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Continuing Education

Remember when I talked about guilt a couple of days ago?   Boy howdy---guilt.  But then I said I would seek how God wants me to live in His grace.  I looked on my bookshelves (I will try to squeeze in a note on books etc.  in every post just so you know how much I love books!)  and there were a few on grace,  some I had read and some I had not.  I chose The Disciplines of Grace    by Jerry Bridges.  So far ch 1 has been very enlightening.  I hope it gets encouraging SOON.  I did learn about balancing the gospel (my need for a savior and Christ death satisfying God's demand for payment for my sins....  AMAZING!)  with the disciplines of the Christian walk.  I tend to want to stay in the discipline, but then I beat myself up for not being perfect.  That's when I need to go back and remind myself of the gospel and fall in love with Christ all over.  So much more in the ch but that's my version in a nutshell.  I bet I begin to show a little more grace to my family when I figure out what it is and what it looks like.  I bet they would like that...don't you?!!

ON ANOTHER NOTE....  I had to make up exams for my 9th grader today.   She has finished 12 weeks of school and I needed to know what she had remembered and learned.  Sometimes exam week is exhilarating..they get it, they really do.  Then sometimes it's the in maybe I should have their hearing checked cause they sure didn't see this question coming.   Making up question makes me have to know what they are learning also.  I bet I get really smart.  Surely after reading the same book 4X"S  I should know something or other. 

Still working on the oldest will be helping me on it.  Should be a good bonding in I am in BONDAGE to her ideas and whims.  HELP!!

thanks for reading,


ps.  The girls and I are going to a Victorian Lantern Show tonight.  What's that you ask?  I will tell you tomorrow!!!