Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Turkey Day Savings

Did I tell you I have a great phobia of holidays?  I think my least fearful holiday is Thanksgiving.  Really it's about family, food, and feathered  friends,  (how dare you,  NO, I will not be cooking up a CHICKEN!! SHEESH!)   I have family,  I can cook,  and today I saved $11 on a feathered friend from Kroger.

(Excuse me while I stop a fight between my two oldest on why we can or cannot talk about people being stinky.)

Ok, I'm back.  Whew, never a dull moment.  So a friend called who is coming over for Thanksgiving to tell me to buy my turkey now from Kroger as they were having a sale.  Yes,  I totally rely on my friends to tell me these things.  I tell them when there is a booksale, sometimes.  My son and I went and had a wonderful time going through the HUGE store finding the sales. Did you know I have a fear of Kroger?  There is one Kroger, (I won't say where cause I am not sure you can't be sued for libel on the internet.) that is large, dark, and very tall.  I fell as if all the food stuffs are gathering around me closer and closer the farther back into the store I get.  I could get suffocated and no one would even know where I was.  Anyway,  I am very choosy as to which Kroger I go to, if I  get up the nerve to go.  And .37 turkeys got me nerve.   I am not a creative, do it yourself, redo it yourself, make it yourself kind of person.  But I can do a little saving here and there.  I will tell you all about the Goodwill Clearance Center sometime.  It is CRAZY!  

So,  my oldest told me find a link and somehow Toot Your Horn Tuesday came up, and I tooted about saving on turkeys!!!

thanks for reading,