Monday, April 18, 2011

Still Eating out of the Freezer

I did NOT realize how much food we had in the freezer.  I can go two more weeks not buying meat.   I don't know if that's good or not.  I think it would be good if we had bought things using a budget and stocking up.  But I think it was just buying. 

I have been looking at using coupons,  and I must confess. it is very confusing to me.  And time consuming.  And confusing.  And I don't use most of whatever it is that has coupons.  I could probably use them on paper goods and hygiene products,  but really that is about it. 

I looked at snippets of the new show Extreme Couponing.  I must admit it was interesting to see how much STUFF they could buy for so little. But when I saw all the shelves they had to buy to hold the STUFF, how much storage space they needed to house the shelves,  how much STUFF they had,  I had questions about the saving money part.  Then I really watched the snippets and thought a few thoughts.  Those people are either a) bored and need something to do  b)  have a fixation with paper, scissors, notebooks and scanners,  or c)  should really be over on the Hoarders show.

So I am confessing on this blog once and for all....I DON'T USE COUPONS AND AM VERY VERY GLAD OR HAPPY OR RELIEVED OR SOMETHING.

There,  I feel better and now on to the menu for the week. 

Mon.  Chicken salad in pita bread using lettuce and spinach from our garden.  How fulfilling.  And hopefully filling.  he he

Tue.  Fajitas with chips and homemade salsa.  Sauerkraut Chocolate Cake.  The recipe is from Weight Watchers and is very moist and delicious.

Wed.  Baked Talapias with fried okra and sweet potatoes.  Yum, Yum.

Thur. Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo.  I think this has been on the menu for 4 weeks now.  We just haven't gotten around to making it.  Not that we went out or anything...I think I was just too tired the nights we were supposed to and...I am NOT giving you any more excuses.  We just didn't and we will should and you will know next week.

Fri.  Breakfast.  Pumpkin bread,  scrambled eggs,  organic sausage.  The coffee cake from last week was AMAZING!  One of my skinny children ate 3 helpings and snacked on it the next day.  I will post a recipe soon...with pics from my husbands camera.  I hope.

Sat.  Pizza from Little Caesars.  It is work day at the church and I will be TIRED.

Sun.  The men cook breakfast at church after our Resurrection Service,  then  a BBQ back at church that night.  Probably a salad and cake. 

Next week I will still be using things out of the freezer.  It will be VERY creative and I will be scouring the internet looking for ideas. 

thanks for reading,


Pictures and other Thoughts

Let's begin with other thoughts.  I have pondered and wondered...studied and tested....and it is very true.   I would blog more often if I had a....


I am a very visual person and love to see photos on others blogs.   It helps me understand and FEEL the intention of the blogger.

So....what would I be blogging about if I had a camera?

1.  I have a brilliantly dressed Cardinal outside my kitchen window chirping and eating on a window feeder I found at a garage sale last week.  I would love to show you but alas...

2.  We have added 2 more chickens to the coop.  They came from the co-op where there were 10 chicken on Tues and only 2 left by Thur.  Something found a fast food chicken eatery close to home.  I had to save the last 2.

3.  The chickens are growing so quickly.  My husband and son built a door over the coop entrance to keep out the "somethings".  Wouldn't you love to know the book I got it from and what it looks like?

4.  I have "something" hopping around my house today.  She is awfully cute.  Wish I could show her to you.

5.  We made some DELICIOUS choco oatmeal cookies with all Great Value ingredient.  You would love to see them,  I am sure.  NOT that I am pushing Great Value products, but as my son say,  "I wish we would buy other products.  I don't like the blue and white stuff.  Isn't it cheap?"

6.  My mom used to make a LOT of my clothes, and I LOVED it.  She has so many grandkids she makes things for now,  I am usually ignored  being gracious and giving my once coveted personal seamstress to the children.  But this year I begged, cried,  pleaded  asked her to make my Easter skirt and I can't wait to show you how it turns out.  OH....I think you may not get to see it.  BOO HOO

7.  We have a very full week with  school stuff and church stuff and shower stuff and friends over stuff and Easter stuff,  but if I don't get a CAMERA SOON  you may not see any of it. 

8.  Why do I feel the need to go on to 10?  I think I will stop here.  There is more...TRUST ME!  

So I will try to take my whining and complaining elsewhere...and appreciate the fact that I can blog.  With black and white words.  And hope they bring about pictures....IN YOUR MIND!

thanks for reading,

 ps.  Because I couldn't stand it, I found a picture online of the book I mentioned my husband and son used.  But it is only a portion of one.  I would love to show you the wonderful illustrations inside..but....