Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Florence Nightingale

Seeing as I am not posting lately,  I think a narration from one of my children would be nice.  This is from Rachael.

Florence Nightingale was a nurse in a hospital where she stayed up almost all night with the soldiers when they had to have operations.  She had wanted to be a nurse.  Let’ go back in time.   Florence had one sister and a mom and dad. Fanny was her mother.   I don’t have her dad’s name, but her sister was named Parthe.   She was not a quiet girl, but she day dreamed.   She was amazing like a Moses.  One time she made a fire out of nothing but an operating table.  One time she met the queen.  Villagers  had given her 45,000 dollars for her hospital.  Well, that is all folks.

Rachael Steele.