Friday, December 24, 2010

Out of the mouth of 6 year olds

Big Sis:   "I can handle snake and spiders, but not slugs,  and I just stepped on one.  EWWW!   Abigail:  "I can handle slugs.  I've been handling slugs since, like, forever!  I'll get it for you."

  Mommy:  "What did the three wise men bring to Jesus?"  Abigail:  "I know, I know!   Gold and, let me think....  oh yeah Frankenstein and Murrh!  I knew it!"

Abigail after opening stocking stuffers:  "I can tell this is going to be the best Christmas ever!" 

Doing lots of baking for tomorrow.  Will post Momma Nell's Pound Cake recipe with pics.  Still haven't learned to upload pics,  hopefully next week.  Did I say that last week?  Hope you forgot about it. 

thanks for reading,


We is Sick

We have sickness going on around here.  Rumbling tummies,  hugging the potty,  lots of washing going on.  And it seems our washer decided she had had enough.  One to many blankets and pillow cases.  We looked yesterday for a new washer,  boy the decisions and choices.  Too many for one visit.  So we came home.  D posted on some board online about wanting a Consumers Report article about washers, and a friend offered their used washer for FREE.   We were not anticipating buying such a large object now and I was really stressed about it.  But our GOD is GREAT and KIND, and LOVING, and GRACIOUS, and just WONDERFUL.  He offered us through a friend what we needed. 

I had great plans for this week,  which have not been brought to fruition.  I am working through great disappointment and feelings of inadequacy,  feelings that my kids are going to  be so disappointed on Christmas morning,  feelings that this Christmas has not been focused on the Lord as I have wanted.   Feelings that living with....well living is stressful.  I had not been reading my advents readings, or any Bible for a couple of days and I was feeling it.  So I got out the dusty book,  pulled up the reading list and began going through the days readings.  God is AMAZING,  He's a GENIUS.   He knows what we need,  how we need it,  and how to bring all things to completion.   If you are feeling stressed,  overwhelmed.  depressed,  get out God's Word,  and begin reading about who He is,  what He has done,  and how much He loved us.  It is sure to put some things in perspective.  Praise Him for these things, and go on about your day. 

thanks for reading,