Monday, November 8, 2010

*&^%$#^&*.. Ok, not really, more like WHAT?

Learning anything new, like how to set up and LIKE my blog, is very difficult for me. Well, figuring out how to mute the tv is difficult, setting up a blog is like designing a rocket to the moon.  So if things change a LOT some, as in daily,  I am just trying to figure out Greek the blog world.  Will take tips,  especially from people who give directions like,  "Just turn by the blue house with the swing on the porch,  keep going till you see Macdonalds,  (stop and get a coke!!) and then you should see the big white church with the 3 crosses on top."  I understand that language!!

thanks for reading,


The Lord's Day

Last night in bed,  at 11 pm (which I then remembered was like 12 pm)  I started wondering how people blog.  I had little snippets of thoughts that would be fun for me to ramble on about.  Church family,  books, ( A GIVEN!!)   food I am trying to learn to cook,  our schooling/learning life,  daily happenings of the kids.   How do people choose? 

This is how I chose today's thoughts.  What was so important that I wanted everyone to know about?  My church family.  Now don't get me wrong,  I have an amazing blood family and I will have LOTS to say about them some other time.  But my other "blood" family is so unique and comforting and convicting and FUN.   We sing like an old mountain church does with 4 part harmony and special called-upon singers.  We are taught straight from the most perfect book in the world, God's word.  Sometimes we disagree on application but we love each other more because of it.  We EAT all the time together and then come back at night to do it all again,  sometimes including the eating.  Most important,  there is a special love that overlooks faults,  encourages, teases,  prays for and envelopes those who decide to become of  a part of this crazy family.  I love it and wouldn't want to be anywhere else on Sunday. ( or Wednesday, or Thursdays special get together, or Friday recitals, or.....)  Thanks CHURCH!!  Thanks LORD!!

to the readers,