Friday, December 10, 2010

Oh the Holidays...You Can't be Home Sweet Home

I told you I would put up pics of our decorating.  Believe it or not,  well, you probably will,  I still haven't learned how to get the pics off my camera.  That is a goal next week.  I am tired of being dependent on others.  I want freedom,  I am my own woman,  I don't like subservient to a 15 yr old,  too much power for her, and nothing for me!   I'm back.  We try to get our tree up the weekend after Christmas,  it just seems RIGHT,  and it takes me all of December to finish the rest of decorating.  NO,  you will not be seeing a house redesigned for the holidays,  remember it's about the BOOKS!!  My eldest most capable was on a road trip to FLORIDA with her grandparents over Thanksgiving and wanted us to wait for her.  (I told you she has such power).  So we waited 4 DAYS,  it was all I could do not to skip church on Sun. and make let everyone put up the tree.   It's ALL ABOUT THE,  I was really fine with it.  JOY< PEACE!!  We had a friend over to help:   FMI (for my info)  having friends over during the hanging of the greens helps diffuse all some sibling conflict.  Here goes.  Please don't fall over at the quality of either the pics or the decorating. 

The tree!   We have oranaments of every kind, from ones my grandmother made (she loved to crochet) to themed ones from my mom, to homemade ones.  I waffle between wanting a coordinated, sophisticated tree to loving this mish mash of memories.  I think the mish mash is more real.  And yes,  the 6 and 9 yr old did most of the ornaments,  why did you ask!?

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 My so capable daughter made this.  She just sees something on other blogs and makes it.  MAGIC!  Anyway,  I want her to do a quick tutorial on how to make one,  and as she will be at her grandmothers this weekend,  I may have her do it then.   Keep looking. 

My last pic.   I love this "scene".  (I have been reading TOO many crafty decoraty blogs lately,  it's all about the lingo)  It is traditional, PEACEFUL,  and simple. 

There you have it.   I wanted pics of the kids decorating but.....

We are off to a wedding this weekend.  I will try to gather pics of the affair.  HMM...not the best word to use with wedding is it? 

thanks for reading,