Monday, February 7, 2011


What is it about we bloggers that makes us want to know minute details about each others lives?   Is it easier to write things and have other write back, (or not :) )  and then we don't feel the emotion behind the words?  I know in our house sometimes writing things out in a letter is better.  We communicate what our feelings and emotions are, without the feelings and emotions getting in the way of the "missage".  (Piglet) 

And that was  a philosophical intro into our menu,  I think,  for the week.   I always like to see other menus, for it gives me ideas.  When making menus I search a couple of places,  A Year of Slow Cooking, cause I like my crock pot more and more and more.....,   $5 Dinners, cause I am hoping to  cut down our grocery bill ...AGAIN,  and I LOVE looking at The Pioneer Woman for her very tasty, but not so cheap meals,    and then I look in my Weight Watchers cook book and Sugar Busters cook book, and then I ask the kids.   Then I look at lists I have made in the past and then I think of something I have always wanted to try.   I try to ask my husband but he says,  very sweetly and generously,  "I love whatever you make." 

So,  here is what I have for this week.

Breakfast:  We try to have a schedule for each day.  That way I know what to buy each week for breakfast,  and mostly for lunch also, although with all this snow we are having,  my crockpot is looking better and better for lunches.

Whole wheat pancakes
Eggs how you like it (kids make their own) with a bread and sometimes fruit
Oatmeal/Grits  (We have strong preferences here.  They make this themselves most of the time.  I ain't NO short order cook.)
Waffles ALWAYS on Sat.
Cereal in a pinch
I like homemade yogurt (learned how to do it in the crockpot from A Year of Slow Cooking) and homemade granola or the yogurt blended with fruit and spinach (you can't taste the spinach!)

Lunch:  We tend to be very full of bread at lunch.  I would like to steer away from that and get into more veggies and filling soup.

Egg salad (when we has excess eggs)
PB and J
something frozen like chicken nuggets/mini pizza

Previously cooked and frozen beef stew.  I will make homemade bread.  Mondays I take food to an elderly gentleman in our church and try to have hot fresh bread and desserts for him. We benefit also.
Shepherds Pie
My eldest makes dinner on Wed.  Ham and potato casserole
Beans and rice
Friday night breakfast with muffins and orange julius
Pizza Calzones

Of course,  this is subject to change,  but I am trying to use up things in my house and freezer and not spend anything except for milk this week.  I will work out next weeks and use things in the freezer and just add to it.  We need  to eat more veggies and fruit this week.

If you have any great dinner or lunch ideas,  let me know, MOM..CHARITY...KELLY...

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