Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Concert of the Year

Christmas music,  Classical pieces,  Country,  Mountain,  Jazz,  Where can you go to get all this in an 1 1/2 hrs?   You really want to know?   Well,  you missed it.  But it will come around again.  I'll try to let you know sooner.  Last night our chillin's held a concert recital at our church.  It was fantastic.   If someone had told me I had to listen to almost 2 hrs of amateur music playing I would normally run very far.  In fact,  we had to feed and pay our friend/cousin Kevin to come and listen.  I mean,  what else would an 18 yr old male want to do on a Friday night?  Friends?  No way,  family first,  man!!

It was outstanding!!   I will be trying to post a clip here of my kiddos playing.  Not PROUD or anything.  And really,  all I did was yellscreamspank,  encourage them each day to play well.  All the kiddos at the recital did well,  but I have to give credit where credit is due. Without my crew it would have been a good time,  but with my crew.....let's just say they made the evening a success.   A big HURRAH  to Haley, Noah, and Rachael. 

So here is to all the parents who don't give up on there kids,  who cheer them on,  who make them practice,  who buy all the pieces to repair the instruments that get dropped,  kicked,  plucked too hard,  mistuned, who plain want there kids to do better and be better than they are.   KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!

This one is my son and a great young man from church accompanying him.!/video/video.php?v=10150146612602818&comments

Next we have my eldest accompanied by our lead instructor.!/video/video.php?v=10150146608942818&comments

My psaltry player,  who rocked out those songs.!/video/video.php?v=10150146601877818&comments

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The Greatest Family Eva'

As you know,  we went to a wedding this weekend.  What you don't know, YET, is that I didn't sleep for 2 straight nights.  We have issues in our home.   It begins at the top and affects even the littlest ones.  This weekend I purposely reserved a suite so we could separate the ..  um.. noisy ones from the light sleepers.  It usually works better for all for me to sleep.  Due to many surprise circumstances,  I was unable to be separated from the noise makers,  and therefore by Sunday night I was EXTREMELY grouchy tired.  I begged my husband to let us go straight home, but he STRONGLY felt we should head  straight to church.  Being the submissive wife I am,  I cheerfully went along with this notion.  

I was given a good dose of Over-the-hill isms,  from birthday songs to hymns with anything related to OLD in them.  "Up over the hilltop",  "As With Gladness Men of Old", and some others.  After church it was announced we would have a slide show, and I was so glad our African missionary was finally showing her pics.  Low and behold,  the slide show was pics of ME.   Fun and a little embarrassing.  Then,  I got a good roasting, although everyone was TOO nice and I was a little overwhelmed.  Very observant people these are!  And last,  we had food and cake. 

The party was wonderful and I was VERY surprised.  But the most wonderful part was how people took the time to put it together,  write cards,  plans songs,  make a slide show,  cook,  and generally love ME.  It may sound strange,  I don't think of myself as (worthy) and deserving of any of this.....LOVE.    I really don't see myself as these people do,  and in a way that's good.  But it is difficult to accept this demonstration...   I bet many of you feel this way also.  This feeling extends to my relationship with Christ,  and although I know I cant' deserve His love it is sometimes difficult to accept.  Along with the GRACE,  I am learning to just LOVE being LOVED by Jesus.  I don't think I have explained very well,  but maybe it will come out better as I dwell on it more.  Anyways...I have the GREATEST FAMILY (BLOOD AND CHURCH) EVA',

The woman in the background is the leader of the shenanigans, my amazing momma.  A table full of food.  Our church has few get togethers without food. 

One of the Roasters.   She was VERY KIND.

Ok,  I have just realized I take terrible pictures.  I have been strongly resisting reading Pioneer Womans tutorials on taking photos,  but for ALL our sakes,  I think I need to begin.  Just need to say SORRY!!


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Hanging of the Greens.

Just had to mention this.  We have a wonderful,  funny, servant friend  who has 4 girls.  She told them she was going to the church last Sat.  for the hanging of the greens.  They asked her what that was and her husband put his finger to throat and made a cutting sign across his neck.  His girls were nervous all week about their mother going to this hanging.

And they had  good reason to be nervous.  There were plenty of hangings going on, and the greens were not happy about it.  But the executioners were,  and it all turned out very pretty. 

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