Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Bucket Lists

I have been seeing these pop up in the cyber world this spring and I had to see what it was.  I LOVE lists.  I make them all the time.  What needs to be done today,  grocery,  books to read, to buy,  list of school things,  clothes lists, project lists,  thankful lists.  They make me happy.  And when they are ALL crossed off,  I throw them away.  There's finality in throwing things away.

Oh yes,  bucket lists.  So the other day my children were acclimating to summer/swim team schedule and not sure what to do or think.  I have school year lists all over the house and these were not working for the time being.  So I perused the internet and found some examples of bucket lists people had made.  I gave the children paper and pencil and told them to create their own.  They could choose 10 things each,  and they could NOT all be going to Florida  (although that is tops on MY list!!)

Here they are and if I can figure it out,  I will put in on the side of the blog and cross them off as we (try) to accomplish them.  I need direction and I hope this will help.

12 year old Son!!

1.  Made tie-dyed t-shirts
2.  Make homemade ice-cream
3. Play flash light tag
4.  Make a bird feeder
5.  Pick berries and make jam
6.  Go to an early bird dollar movie
7.  Write a story
8.  Build a fort
9.  Build a mini golf course
10.  Go on a bike ride to the creek

(he has more but we have to stop somewhere!)

9 year old girl

1.  Have a girls night with friends
2.  Camp out in the club house
3.  Go camping
4.  Stay up til midnight
5.  Make a magazine
6.  Make a movie
7.  Write a book or play
8.  Make a doll house
9.  Write a song
10.  Collect animals and have a zoo (charge an entrance fee to neighborhood kids!)

7 year old girl

1.  Go to the pool just to play
2.  A week of being not me
3.  Go crawfish catching with the family
4.  Sleep in the club house
5.  Have a family cook out
6.  Go to the zoo
7.  Have a color day where we all where the same color
8.  Have a craft day
10.Play tag in the dark

What I loved about these was the simplicity.  I think we can handle this.  We began today by doing something we had talked about but didn't write down.  We made chocolate covered frozen bananas.  I will post pictures soon.

thanks for reading,