Thursday, February 3, 2011


It has been very GREY for the last few days.  We did not get the nasty weather that other states have,  but we sure got the cold.   I am an all 4 seasons kind of girl,  so the cold doesn't bother me.  I just snuggle under hand crochet blankets and read with or without children.  But the GREY skies do get to me.  I began  the week with a two day allergy attack.  I do not know if it was related to the painting going on,  but it was ferocious.  I am still smearing lotion on my nose and upper lip to relieve the rawness.  Then two days later I woke up with  a migraine type of headache.  It took awhile for that to go away,  and I was so tired afterwards.  Then we were off today to see a Children's Theater Production of The Jungle Book, with errands following.  This kind of week wears me out. 

And now,  I am feeling GREY.  When I get this way, and it happens EVERY January/February,  I feel like everyone else I know has great energy,  they are making and doing and laughing and enjoying.  I feel quiet,  unproductive, little laughter.  Not great for the homeschooled kids who are with their mom ALL day. 

I am trying to get over this.  I am beginning to plan my garden.  I am decluttering a few areas of my house.  I am going on a couple of small trips.  I am reading some interesting books.  And I am praying. 

This post has not been fun.  But I will end on a happy note.   CHICKENS!!!    With the cold weather I have been a little concerned that the chickens are warm and happy.  I read   that feeding them a warm mash of chicken food and warm drinking water would help with egg production.  I guess it did.  We got 7 eggs yesterday and the same today.  I have also kept them in the pen til 3 or so in the afternoon.  SOOO,  we have two thoughts:  the chickens are laying eggs in a hiding place I can't find,  and I have looked all over, or they are so distracted with eating outside the pen,   they forget to go in the pen to lay.   I will continue this pattern and see what happens.  Silly Chickens....

thanks for reading,