Thursday, November 11, 2010

No Encouragement...Yet

If I thought chapter two was going to lift me to high places,  I was very wrong.   How do I get myself in these pickles?  Why am I reading a book that shows me I really and truly am a sinner...thankful Mr. Bridges throws the "saved by grace" part in every now and then to keep me reading. I could only handle 4 pages.  Remember the story of the Pharisee praying and the tax collector praying?  (If not,  look up  Luke 18:9-14..  I will wait...)

I think many times I WANT to relate to the tax collector,  but really I see myself as the pharisee.  I haven't committed any MAJOR sin,  I pay give my tithe,  I go to church, I help out some,  but it's not the major sins I need to worry about,  it's the "refined sins" as Mr. Bridges states.  And he began talking about one that hit home:  saying words to someone (especially someones I love the most) out of anger, irritation, or context.  I tend to be outspoken (some call it good,  I call it putting my foot in my mouth most of the time) and I words could be good...IF...I spoke them  in the right spirit.  So as to not make this any longer,   my prayer is to learn to keep silent UNLESS the need comes for speaking up.  That means that there may be looooooong periods of silence on my part for awhile,  LORD WILLIN AND THE CRIK DON'T RISE ,  but I don't think I have to be silent on THIS blog.  SURELY there is something I can talk about that doesn't involve harsh language,  criticism of others,  anger,  irritation.     Ok,  then why have a blog you ask?   I see it as my entrance into the 20th century (or is it the 21st?  I get confused.  And don't say anything about me homeschooling.  It's all a learning process)

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