Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Off the Face of the Earth...and Pie

When I mentioned in another post that we have been busy..I wasn't joking.  I have just a few minutes but a sweet friend FBED me and said,  "Need another post."   That was so kind I had to post SOMETHING.    So now you get some random things going on this summer and a quick pie recipe.

A.  I began going to the gym,  well, when the kids began swimming in May.  I figured since they were in the water,  I could do something while waiting.  I joined and began walking the treadmill.  I didn't know I could sweat inside an air conditioned building. 

B.  After trying the treadmill for awhile,  a friend said I should try Zumba.  I like trying new things, so I did.  Let's just say I alternated between gasping for breathe from exercise,  gasping for breathe from laughing, and gasping for breathe from shock.  Here is a short video NOT OF ME,  just to give you an idea.  This is another friend of mine who teaches this stuff. 

C.  I next tried a morning class while my kid were swimming .  Pilates.  I had a video at home and could do this pretty well so I thought it was a piece of cake.  HUH.   I finally talked my mom into coming with me so I wasn't the only one providing comic relief.

D.  I had a happy/sad situation concerning this new exercise run I am on.  (pun intended!)  I was watching these young girls running on the treadmills next to me and thought,  "I used to run with my dad IN HIGH SCHOOL.  I should try it now and see what happens."  It took me 26 min. of walking to work up the courage.  I ran   lopped along for 4 WHOLE MINUTES and was proud of myself for not falling off or passing out.  I gingerly hopped walked down the stairs to tell Kevin and Haley and whoever else would listen about my new proud self,  and they LAUGHED!   I have never brought Kevin back and I don't talk to Haley anymore.  Stinkin' high schoolers.

That's about all I have time for.  I pray you are staying cool....lots of Popsicles being eatin' around here.

thanks for reading,