Saturday, July 30, 2011

God or gods

I am reading through the Bible (mostly! to be honest, and who doesn't when it comes to the Bible), Ok, again, I am reading though the Bible and am in 1 Chronicles . Do you know how often God gave them victory and they turned to the gods of the nations around them? I am astonished! I kept wanting to shout out, "NO, don't do it. Thank and praise God, honor Him, destroy the other gods and get back to that abundant life you have!" They wouldn't have listened anyway, so I kept it to myself. The fish thanked me for not yelling.

Then I went on to read Romans 12 1:2, you know, the part where we are called to be living sacrifices, acceptable and pleasing to the Lord. Also the part about not being conformed to THIS world but being transformed by the renewal of our minds, that by testing  we may discern what is the will of God, what is  good, acceptable, and perfect.

My mind began to think about that sacrifice and not conforming. Hopefully you can see where I am going. Here I am having these great morning devotions, praising and thanking God. Then I turn my focus on school books (the god of education) or a good movie (the god of entertainment), or wonderful cupcakes (the god of food!),   what activity I am taking the kids to (the god of busyness) or what errands have to be run today (the god the urgent) .   Am I seeking God in the morning ,  seeking to renew my mind,  looking for His wisdom, encouragement, instruction and even discipline,  then turning to "other gods"  for the rest of the day?   Is God my God all day or just when I read and have quiet?  
 This is one of those mergings I am struggling with right now.  Making God my Boss in all areas.  That He is my wisdom for schooling my kids,  for what is entertaining, for how I should use food, for what activities we do, or how important those errands are.  I find we are not serving in a sacrificial way,  not even each other in the home. 
And this post could go on and on.  But these were some thoughts I had and needed to work through a little  before the kids awoke.  In reality,  I began this post yesterday, was unable to finish it because of the BUSYNESS of the day,  and just now got back to it.  I am thinking a quiet retreat in  a little cabin somewhere in ALASKA, with cool breezes,  evening walks where I don't pour sweat,  and NO COMMUNICATION with the outside world (except this computer to send out AMAZING POSTS on what God is teaching me.  Or NO POSTS if there is so much crud He is exposing I couldn't publish it.)  TANGENTS,  sorry.
thanks for reading