Thursday, December 30, 2010

Groupons Deal

This is a quick post.  I get these groupon notices every day in my email.  I delete most because I don't do sky diving or get my pet's hair curled.  Although the chickens would look mighty cute with little bows in their feathers.  Today's deal  I wanted to try.   Here is the link

It is for trying organic food ...DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR....for $35.   I just want to have something DELIVERED TO MY DOOR!    

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

OH MY GOODNESS!   Somewhere in the near past,  I remember talking about how calm and peaceful I was this Christmas.  And would you believe,  the calm stayed,  the peaceful fluctuated in and out depending on my praying and faith,  but it was so BUSY.  My mother-in-law came down very early for some Dr.s appts and I took her to most of them.  We were sick for some of the days,  and our church began work week Monday.   I see people write about Christmas "vacation"  and I wonder where they found that.  Being a homeschool family,  I have the children with me 24/7 so them coming home and us doing things we don't normally doesn't work here.  Then our church is on adrenaline IV's and we have potlucks,  recitals,  Christmas programs,  more eating,  decorating,  birthday celebrations,  New Year's talent shows and all night treasure hunts.  Where is the vacation?   I need one desperately!!  There are Christmas books we haven't read,  ginger bread houses we didn't build.  ( I did let go of the guilt on this one,  took all the stuff back to the store and told them someone brought this home and we need to return it.  They wanted to know who brought it to our house,  and I had to confess it was me.  I think they think I am crazy.  How close they are!) games we didn't play,  some house cleaning that needs doing.  And "vacation" is almost over.  Just want to thank who ever reads this for reading all the outpouring's of my brain.  I am sure if I ever reread these,  I would delete the whole thing and change my name.  You are all too kind.

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Sunday, December 26, 2010


Random and varied thoughts.  That's all I have today.  So much going on.

1.  Two more vomiting bodies here.  Is there a disinfectant that's mists like that Glade mister scent thing?  We need one in every room,  possibly every outlet.

2.  Relationships are hard.  People can be difficult.  I told one of my kids if they didn't want to be part of a family, go find the nearest cave.  I will be looking for one tomorrow.

3.  Church is amazing.  God's people are amazing.  Maybe I will just move in at the church.

4.  We have a friend  whose husband has been gone 5 months and he got to come home on Christmas Day...and we got to cheer him  It was ffffuuuunnn...but cold.

5.  Do I have to have 10 of these thoughts?  Can I have so many thoughts that I run out because they are cancelling each positive and negative numbers?

6.  I have a rogue thought.  I have to start planning  school for next week.  How..When...What...

7.   Our church is beginning work week tomorrow.  I don't know whether to feel bad I can't go because of sick kids...or thank the kids. 

8.  Cancel last statement.  I love work week.  The food, fellowship,  and fun people. 

9.  We sang a song at church tonight about Jesus being my Peace.  I needed it.

10.  I am hooked on Cake Boss...but I can only see through season 2 cause that's all my netflix to tv thing has.  I want cake all the time now. 

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Out of the mouth of 6 year olds

Big Sis:   "I can handle snake and spiders, but not slugs,  and I just stepped on one.  EWWW!   Abigail:  "I can handle slugs.  I've been handling slugs since, like, forever!  I'll get it for you."

  Mommy:  "What did the three wise men bring to Jesus?"  Abigail:  "I know, I know!   Gold and, let me think....  oh yeah Frankenstein and Murrh!  I knew it!"

Abigail after opening stocking stuffers:  "I can tell this is going to be the best Christmas ever!" 

Doing lots of baking for tomorrow.  Will post Momma Nell's Pound Cake recipe with pics.  Still haven't learned to upload pics,  hopefully next week.  Did I say that last week?  Hope you forgot about it. 

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We is Sick

We have sickness going on around here.  Rumbling tummies,  hugging the potty,  lots of washing going on.  And it seems our washer decided she had had enough.  One to many blankets and pillow cases.  We looked yesterday for a new washer,  boy the decisions and choices.  Too many for one visit.  So we came home.  D posted on some board online about wanting a Consumers Report article about washers, and a friend offered their used washer for FREE.   We were not anticipating buying such a large object now and I was really stressed about it.  But our GOD is GREAT and KIND, and LOVING, and GRACIOUS, and just WONDERFUL.  He offered us through a friend what we needed. 

I had great plans for this week,  which have not been brought to fruition.  I am working through great disappointment and feelings of inadequacy,  feelings that my kids are going to  be so disappointed on Christmas morning,  feelings that this Christmas has not been focused on the Lord as I have wanted.   Feelings that living with....well living is stressful.  I had not been reading my advents readings, or any Bible for a couple of days and I was feeling it.  So I got out the dusty book,  pulled up the reading list and began going through the days readings.  God is AMAZING,  He's a GENIUS.   He knows what we need,  how we need it,  and how to bring all things to completion.   If you are feeling stressed,  overwhelmed.  depressed,  get out God's Word,  and begin reading about who He is,  what He has done,  and how much He loved us.  It is sure to put some things in perspective.  Praise Him for these things, and go on about your day. 

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Concert of the Year

Christmas music,  Classical pieces,  Country,  Mountain,  Jazz,  Where can you go to get all this in an 1 1/2 hrs?   You really want to know?   Well,  you missed it.  But it will come around again.  I'll try to let you know sooner.  Last night our chillin's held a concert recital at our church.  It was fantastic.   If someone had told me I had to listen to almost 2 hrs of amateur music playing I would normally run very far.  In fact,  we had to feed and pay our friend/cousin Kevin to come and listen.  I mean,  what else would an 18 yr old male want to do on a Friday night?  Friends?  No way,  family first,  man!!

It was outstanding!!   I will be trying to post a clip here of my kiddos playing.  Not PROUD or anything.  And really,  all I did was yellscreamspank,  encourage them each day to play well.  All the kiddos at the recital did well,  but I have to give credit where credit is due. Without my crew it would have been a good time,  but with my crew.....let's just say they made the evening a success.   A big HURRAH  to Haley, Noah, and Rachael. 

So here is to all the parents who don't give up on there kids,  who cheer them on,  who make them practice,  who buy all the pieces to repair the instruments that get dropped,  kicked,  plucked too hard,  mistuned, who plain want there kids to do better and be better than they are.   KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!

This one is my son and a great young man from church accompanying him.!/video/video.php?v=10150146612602818&comments

Next we have my eldest accompanied by our lead instructor.!/video/video.php?v=10150146608942818&comments

My psaltry player,  who rocked out those songs.!/video/video.php?v=10150146601877818&comments

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The Greatest Family Eva'

As you know,  we went to a wedding this weekend.  What you don't know, YET, is that I didn't sleep for 2 straight nights.  We have issues in our home.   It begins at the top and affects even the littlest ones.  This weekend I purposely reserved a suite so we could separate the ..  um.. noisy ones from the light sleepers.  It usually works better for all for me to sleep.  Due to many surprise circumstances,  I was unable to be separated from the noise makers,  and therefore by Sunday night I was EXTREMELY grouchy tired.  I begged my husband to let us go straight home, but he STRONGLY felt we should head  straight to church.  Being the submissive wife I am,  I cheerfully went along with this notion.  

I was given a good dose of Over-the-hill isms,  from birthday songs to hymns with anything related to OLD in them.  "Up over the hilltop",  "As With Gladness Men of Old", and some others.  After church it was announced we would have a slide show, and I was so glad our African missionary was finally showing her pics.  Low and behold,  the slide show was pics of ME.   Fun and a little embarrassing.  Then,  I got a good roasting, although everyone was TOO nice and I was a little overwhelmed.  Very observant people these are!  And last,  we had food and cake. 

The party was wonderful and I was VERY surprised.  But the most wonderful part was how people took the time to put it together,  write cards,  plans songs,  make a slide show,  cook,  and generally love ME.  It may sound strange,  I don't think of myself as (worthy) and deserving of any of this.....LOVE.    I really don't see myself as these people do,  and in a way that's good.  But it is difficult to accept this demonstration...   I bet many of you feel this way also.  This feeling extends to my relationship with Christ,  and although I know I cant' deserve His love it is sometimes difficult to accept.  Along with the GRACE,  I am learning to just LOVE being LOVED by Jesus.  I don't think I have explained very well,  but maybe it will come out better as I dwell on it more.  Anyways...I have the GREATEST FAMILY (BLOOD AND CHURCH) EVA',

The woman in the background is the leader of the shenanigans, my amazing momma.  A table full of food.  Our church has few get togethers without food. 

One of the Roasters.   She was VERY KIND.

Ok,  I have just realized I take terrible pictures.  I have been strongly resisting reading Pioneer Womans tutorials on taking photos,  but for ALL our sakes,  I think I need to begin.  Just need to say SORRY!!


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Hanging of the Greens.

Just had to mention this.  We have a wonderful,  funny, servant friend  who has 4 girls.  She told them she was going to the church last Sat.  for the hanging of the greens.  They asked her what that was and her husband put his finger to throat and made a cutting sign across his neck.  His girls were nervous all week about their mother going to this hanging.

And they had  good reason to be nervous.  There were plenty of hangings going on, and the greens were not happy about it.  But the executioners were,  and it all turned out very pretty. 

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Back to Grace

I have not had much quiet since last week.  The wedding, which, as you know if you have four children and a husband, is not just picking out a pretty dress that doesn't class with the  bride's color scheme.  Oh No,  now we must sure ALL  of us don't clash with the color scheme or each other.  Then there is the stuff that goes along with this, the books everyone must pack, games, ipods,  downloading of new books on ipods,  etc. etc. etc.  (think the The King and I,  Yule Brenner)  Then back to life here with dental appts, music lessons,  etc. etc. etc.  You get the pictures.

Today I thought,  "I must get back to GRACE."   And I am so thankful God is using this book and His Word to work wonders in my heart this Christmas season.  I even got the compliment last night of what I am  doing (WORKS AGAIN!!  UGGH!)  to be so calm and cheerful.  (That's Grace, Ya'll!).   It's not me I am telling you.  God's Grace is working.  And if you don't believe it,  ask my mother.    On picking up the next chapter in The Disciplines of Grace by Jerry Bridges,  I am  learning the difference between regeneration and sanctification.  Yes,  we need to understand these two words, they are not just for pastors.  (Speaking of pastors, my youngest keeps asking for prayer for my 80 year old uncle at church.  Our pastor keeps asking God for his salvation.  I need to tell MY pastor my 80 yrold uncle is a RETIRED pastor and really needs prayers for health.)

Sanctification is the process by which we are made holy,  this being on a daily or secondly basis for some,  hmm.  Regeneration is the beginning act of this process,  when we realized our dire need for a savior.  When the word conformed or transformed is used in the Bible,  this is the process of sanctification.  This is actually encouraging.  I have been a Christian for  a long time,  and so many times because of my sinful natures desire to get out and party,  I begin to think, maybe I am not saved.  But it is a process,  a daily one that transforms my thoughts, my attitude, my actions, my motives into more Christlike ones.  I should be more like Christ now, than 2 years ago, or even two weeks ago.  The last part I read made me think,  hard.  What is my aim?   Am I desiring that all I do please the Father, which was Christ's aim,  or make myself more comfortable.  OUCH!  I love comfort.  Warm bed,  hot cappuccino,  slippers,  books all around me,  a vacuum cleaner (hey, clean floors make ME happy,  and I really think God also).  But how am I stepping out of my comfortableness  pleasing God?  Makes ya think,  huh?
  On another quick note,  we read the best Christmas book,  An Orange for Frankie Patricia Polocco.    It WILL make you cry so be prepared for tissue.  But we all loved it.  I will try and post more books we love for Christmas. 

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Love, twue love, ah, mawwage!!

When my husband and I first got married,  we didn't have a t.v.  I HIGHLY recommend it as we had to talk, play games,  clean house,  and get to know one another.  Then we traded some scuba equipment never used for a t.v. and vcr.  One of the first movies we bought was The Princess Bride.  Oh how we laughed that first night watching it.   The second viewing was even funnier cause I knew some of the lines,  and by the  third viewing I just cracked up,  and then the fourth something happened.  I didn't laugh so hard, or so often.  By the tenth viewing I would walk in the room, see the screen and walk out.  I just couldn't do it.  The movie was ruined.  A few years ago my honey thought the kids could handle the movie now.  And they reacted very much like me.  The first viewing cracked them up.  Or so my honey says.  I honestly couldn't watch it.  I think I had a...meeting, yah, that's it. 

Ok, long intro but you needed back ground for the Mawwage title.  And if you still don't understand,  go rent the movie, pop some popcorn, and have a family movie night.  But only once,  send it back, and DON'T EVER, EVER rent it again.  I'm just sayin'.  

Ok,  we went to a wedding this weekend of my niece.  She is a very talented decorator and chose the colors and do dads herself.  Here are a few pics of the occasion. 
It's really all about the cake...I mean for the kids.  Isn't the table beautiful?

Great looking party.

The cake, again,  cause I am looking through the pics and realized,  my son took most of the pics, and they were of the cake.  I guess he was hungry.  Note to self,  grab the camera and take pics of what I really want to remember.  Cause now I am hankerin' for wedding cake.  HMMM.  I have an anniversary coming up.  Cake anyone?

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The New Excuse

It's my 40th Birthday today.  I am loving it!!  I tend to be a little...rebellious.  But usually only in the it- doesn't-really-matter-any- way, way.  So instead of having a melt down,  a pity party, or a mid-life crisis,  I am thrilled.  As my dad says, the alternative is worse!! 

When I was in my 20's,  I was super woman.  I could do it all, and don't tell me I couldn't!!  Then I birthed 4 chillins and people started telling me when things were a little.. um.. hectic just to say I homeschooled and/or had 4 wee ones.

Three kiddos with a wee one on the way!

  I rebelled at first, then found it quite convenient true.  But now, in my 40's,  with at least 2 pretty responsible people at the house,  that excuse isn't working.

 So as I talked with my husband over a quiet lunch today,  he said I could just say,  "oh,  it must be that 40's thing!"  and people would understand.  So if you read something and thing  "HEY"  or see something not quite well executed here on this blog,  just remember, 

I HAVE 9 MORE BIRTHDAYS TO GO with this excuse,  AND HEY  I am 40 TODAY!!

thanks for reading,


Friday, December 10, 2010

Oh the Holidays...You Can't be Home Sweet Home

I told you I would put up pics of our decorating.  Believe it or not,  well, you probably will,  I still haven't learned how to get the pics off my camera.  That is a goal next week.  I am tired of being dependent on others.  I want freedom,  I am my own woman,  I don't like subservient to a 15 yr old,  too much power for her, and nothing for me!   I'm back.  We try to get our tree up the weekend after Christmas,  it just seems RIGHT,  and it takes me all of December to finish the rest of decorating.  NO,  you will not be seeing a house redesigned for the holidays,  remember it's about the BOOKS!!  My eldest most capable was on a road trip to FLORIDA with her grandparents over Thanksgiving and wanted us to wait for her.  (I told you she has such power).  So we waited 4 DAYS,  it was all I could do not to skip church on Sun. and make let everyone put up the tree.   It's ALL ABOUT THE,  I was really fine with it.  JOY< PEACE!!  We had a friend over to help:   FMI (for my info)  having friends over during the hanging of the greens helps diffuse all some sibling conflict.  Here goes.  Please don't fall over at the quality of either the pics or the decorating. 

The tree!   We have oranaments of every kind, from ones my grandmother made (she loved to crochet) to themed ones from my mom, to homemade ones.  I waffle between wanting a coordinated, sophisticated tree to loving this mish mash of memories.  I think the mish mash is more real.  And yes,  the 6 and 9 yr old did most of the ornaments,  why did you ask!?

Add caption
 My so capable daughter made this.  She just sees something on other blogs and makes it.  MAGIC!  Anyway,  I want her to do a quick tutorial on how to make one,  and as she will be at her grandmothers this weekend,  I may have her do it then.   Keep looking. 

My last pic.   I love this "scene".  (I have been reading TOO many crafty decoraty blogs lately,  it's all about the lingo)  It is traditional, PEACEFUL,  and simple. 

There you have it.   I wanted pics of the kids decorating but.....

We are off to a wedding this weekend.  I will try to gather pics of the affair.  HMM...not the best word to use with wedding is it? 

thanks for reading,


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Trip Down Memory Lane

I just signed up for a giveaway over at  I don't normally enter giveaways because I have trouble figuring out the comment section.  Really.  It is very difficult.  I don't know what a my google address is, and then you have to come back and read letters.  Time.  Don't have it.  Anyway,  the giveaway said to tell your favorite CHRISTmas memory.  And I started thinking about that.  Here is what I wrote. 

I grew up in a military home. Because of this our address, weather, and conditions changed all the time. But my favorite memories are of CHRISTmas in the Middle East. My mother is the queen of tradition, and no matter where we were, whether in FL with sunshine, Va with snow, or the desert, we had our tree, our favorite foods, our stockings hung somewhere, and our favorite songs playing. We always celebrated CHRIST and He led us from place to place. What a wonderful trip down memory lane. Thanks!!

I really do have a mom who is the queen of tradition.  I tried to follow her traditions for a few years and felt like an utter failure.  I just KNEW my kids were going to run away because we didn't put up the tree on just the right day,  have an advent calendar we followed daily with little candy canes for every child,  exactly 7 meaningful stocking stuffers that were opened each night the week before CHRSTmas,  music, food,  etc.   You get my drift.  Smell my cooking.  You get me.  I have struggled for years with minor depression beginning with Dec and travelling through Jan.  AND JUST THIS YEAR  I have learned why.  I can't be my mom.  She is amazing,  and wonderful, and I have Hallmark card memories of not just CHRISTmas,  but many holidays, some I am sure were made up just so she could have fun. 

This is getting long, AGAIN, but I will just say this year is wonderful.  We did do some things like the tree, and some decorating,  we have had wassail and sugar cookies,  and we are going to a concert this morning of CHRISTmas music.   But I am not going by some wonderful "moms" play book on how to have a meaningful CHRISTmas.  I am going by my play book.  Which is more low key,  a little more spontaneous.  The memories,  I FINALLY realized were not in the tradition, but in the joy my mom had.  And without joy,  the traditions are meaningless.  So my NEW tradition is to find JOY and PEACE  in the holidays.  What a concept,  considering the the celebrations of CHRIST'S birth (and eventually death and resurrection)  is about the one who brings JOY (no happiness, another post I am sure) and PEACE (not an end to war but peace about our role in this life and where I am going next,  another post I am sure) to this world. 

Merry CHRISTmas, thanks for reading, 


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Perfect Mellow Evening

I am sitting in a big comfy chair,

listening to mellow  CHRISTmas music,  with the tree lights on, 

creamy coffee in a mug,

and listening to my 6 yr old tell how she is making stores and planning streets with her Peoplies. (little people, but we call them peoplies, sound better!!).

 This to me is a perfect evening.  Kids reading,  time to think, talk,  look at my kids growing before my eyes,  (ok not so much this part but it is part of the night).  I seem to be missing something though.....A FIRE!  Yes,  we have a wood burning stove but no wood.  I may be taking the kids out tomorrow and finding me some.  Doesn't it seem as if there are very few of these kinds of night?  We seem to always be going,  to music lessons, to church, to run errands...and sometimes,  like tonight,  when we do have mellow evenings,  it almost feels guilty, but it shouldn't.  I should just feel thankful and enjoy it.  So I will. 

I was going to post about our CHRISTmas decorating.  I will post some pics tomorrow.  But if I post about decorating it won't peaceful and mellow.  Decorating makes me want to curl up and suck my thumb,  or run far far away.   But tonight I will leave you with a couple of peaceful, mellow pictures.  I hope your evening is mellow like jello. 

thanks for reading,


Saturday, December 4, 2010

5 Birthdays Party and Spoons

In our family we have 4 November birthdays, and then mine.  I won't post about mine until THE DAY because it is supposed to be life changing, thought provoking, REALLY grown up, and I am still waiting.....
Back  to the November birthdays.  My dad's is the 20th, my daughter's the 22, my niece's the 24, and another niece's the 27th..woof, or whoph or whoo or something like that.  Anyway,  this year we were all scattered when their birthdays came around, so we decided to have one big party here tonight.  Just so you know how loud it was,  there were 12 kids and 9 adults,  and one of the adults said his house had never been this loud in his entire life. He's 18.  That's a long time without noise.   Of course he grew up with just himself, his dad, and brother, but still... HIS WHOLE LIFE.  I couldn't decide if he was blessed or if we were.  I decided we were.   Anyway,   it was fun, loud,  (did I say that?)  full of chickens (in the dark, crazy kids)  food,  laughter (OK,  I have to stop and comment.  My brother works for the paper and he was trying out his sale pitches on us.  I think I just bought a YEARS worth of Sunday papers cause I firmly believe my kids will be uneducated,  I am actually losing money by not utilizing all the coupons, and I can compost the paper when I am done for my chicken coop, and some other reason that by this time I knew was for my own good.   This guys is good!!)  and games.  We taught my sister in law and company how to play SPOONS.   It was fast, furious, and full of fury.  Don't play if you get your feelings hurt easily.  Real easy to learn.  Use a deck of cards, some spoons from the drawer, and get in a circle on the floor.  Put the spoons in the center of the circle.  Deal out four cards each and the dealer begins to pick up cards from the left over pile one by one.  He passes the picked over card to his left and continues.  The next person does the same,  looking for a matching card.    The second goal is to get 4 of a kind.  The REAL goal is to get a spoon from the center of the floor. The first person to get 4 of a kind SMOOTHLY reaches for a spoon.  Others will take notice and the fury begins.   You don't want to be LAST.  If you are,  you're out of the game.  You continue to play losing one player at a time until there is just one, the WINNER.   Lots of fun and a great game to get people warmed up.  Course you may lose some people if they are sensitive.  Thankfully we desensitize people as we come in contact with them or they with our family. 

I was going to show some pics, but they were too dark.  I am really terrible with pics, and I love them on other blogs.  I will try to do better.  

thanks for reading,