Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Meeting God in the Cloud

Some days  I read Stream in the Desert  by Mrs. Cowman for a devotional insight.   One morning this week the verse was from Exodus 20:21.  "Moses drew near unto the thick darkness where God was"    That was a slightly scary thought to me.  We have had a year of clouds at our house;   illness,  surgery, recovery,  high schoolers,  6 year olds and some in between,  extended family issues on both sides.   

Here is a  quote from Streams :   "Do not be afraid to enter the cloud that is settling down on your life.  God is in it."  That is truly where I want to be,  with God.    But I really would rather meet Him on a sunny hillside somewhere near the Jordan, (and if he provided bread and fish I wouldn't complain either.)   But I guess our nature is to sometimes  shun the sun, so He takes us to a cloud and we follow because we don't have anywhere else to turn. 

I woke up this week and my mind was racing through all the things I needed to get done for the day,  week, year.  And then God graciously stopped me, and brought my attention to Him.  There had been a pretty crazy storm in the early morning hours and He showed me how to praise Him for that.  Then he began directing my mind to other praise worthy things,  things I normally wouldn't have praised Him for because I would have only seen a cloudy patch.  But looking for God in the cloud made me thankful, and more at peace,  because God was there.  And Praise God,  He always will be.

thanks for reading,