Monday, August 27, 2012

Wanderlust..It's bad!!

I have it bad...and it's not even's..well..fallish..kindof.    Around here anything below 90 degrees feels cool right now.  And those days that begin cool with a brilliant blue sky,  big fluffy cottonball clouds,  slight breeze, and just the right music on the radio make me want to take off...ANYWHERE!!!

Here are some blogs of places I would LOVE to visit...and can I just say REALLY?  These people actually live's not a dream.


This blog post caught my eye because it had the word BLUE in it.   Here are a couple more pics from that blog...if you like it..go on over and visit...

Port en Bessin

At the café

That's me in the red polka dot dress...I mean that's where I WANT to a red polka dot dress..reading..and enjoying....

Here is another blog about living in France..

I drooled over these photos..

Seriously,  who takes a vacation here? me me..please!

So, if you call, and I don't answer..I will be off in one of these least in my dreams and on my computer. 

I know I shouldn't dream too much about places I will probably never see..but I think of it as God's way of saying I was meant for more that just here...and that where I am WAY more beautiful than this,  and believe me..I long for heaven as much or more that these fantastic places.  And that gives me hope...I may not enjoy France in this world...but whatever God has designed heaven to be like will FAR out way anything I desire here...and I wouldn't trade a trip to France for my final home....

If you find yourself longing for these far off getaway's...ask yourself if it is because your heart knows you were created for much more than this..Do you know where your forever home is?

thanks for reading,


Monday, August 6, 2012

School Daze

Yes...I mean daze....I finally got everything together,  the notebooks, the book lists,  the schedule thought out...I was planning on a great first day...

We got up at the crack of dawn..6 am for some, 6:30 for others.  Chores, Bible reading,  and then off on our first day of 5K training...WHAT??  Yes,  we are training for a 5K run..all of us.  I had my eldest look up an 8 week program and it looks like we can do it.   We walked 1 1/2 min. then ran 1 min.  Not too bad.  My heart ended up in my throat the last run...I had to chase down a child who kept wanting to nap on the side of the road...but it went very well.  One day down,  23 more days to go.  

My eldest made breakfast for us...yeah for kids learning to cook.  We were very thankful for those oatmeal pancakes. 

After showers to stop the showers, (of sweat!!!  It's ENORMOUSLY  hot and humid here in the mid south!)  we began our school.  The kids are so much more independent this year.  A little scary...and yet very freeing.  I get better at organizing and having things all set for them,  they get better at reading and execution.   It  helps to have goals.....get this done this week,  done well, done cheerfully or no birthday for you, missy!!...Ok, so not that drastic but we do have some sleepovers and rewards that need to be earned.

All was going well son reminded me to call about when his orthodontic appt was.  Uh,  today,  in 10 min.    Out the door we go,  praying the girls would keep plugging away.  They did pretty well...but I really don't like last minute dashes. 

Anyway,  it seems this year is off to a good start.  If you have begun school,  how did it go?  If not,  do you feel prepared?

dashing off to scrape a ceiling,