Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Victorian Magic Lantern Show and Snakes

What do these two have in common? In my life, they are two events, one enjoyed and one ..not so much.


Here is a you tube of the history and examples of a Magic Lantern Show.  I was enthralled.  I talk to the tv and in movies (sorry)  and I was so excited that in these shows I can participate ....  and people still like me.  In fact, they ask me to say things, and clap, and sing.  I felt loved and needed.  If the Traveling Theater Company comes to town,  go see, with kids, who will think you are crazy to be laughing at pictures and shush you for contributing.  Not that my kids did that, or my nieces either.  They just moved a few seats away.  (Just kidding..but they wanted to!!)

Now for the snake bite.  I was out getting vitamins for my sickly and weak family and I received a phone call from my husband who is at work that my 6 yr old who is at home has been bit by a snake and that the 14 yr who is also at home has panicked.  This 14 yr is great to get a job done, but not so level headed in emergencies.  I zoom home just under the speed limit and find the 6 yr old on the couch smiling, saying,  "I always wanted to be bit by a snake!!!"   I don't know where she gets this adventuresome spirit but I would rather her NOT think this was FUN.  (These kids are so weird.)  So we have  snake in a bucket ready for our snake liking friend at church to identify later tonight,  and a 6 yr old who can't wait to show off her bite marks, (the bit did not swell and get read, it looks like two tiny holes)  and  a mother who would like everyone to know that THESE THINGS HAPPEN TO PEOPLE ALL THE TIME AND DO NOT NECCESSARILY REFLECT MY PARENTING SKILLS OR LACK THERE OF. 

thanks for reading,


ps.  If you want to see a picture of the snake,  scroll down.  If you can help identify,  please HELP.


  1. The pitfalls of living in the country. I'm sure these things do happen to people all the time, it's just that they are hillbillies :)

  2. I actually think the working definition of hillbilly is greater than 6 people living under one roof. Oh wait... nevermind. :-)


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