Thursday, November 10, 2011

Where's October?

I am trying to figure out where October went.  I dressed up the mantle,  put out some pumpkins,  fixed soup,  began drinking hot tea again.  I was prepared to sit on my porch swing and listen to the north wind make wind chimes of my leaves,  watch the birds come back to the bird feeder,  take long walks through somebodies woods, and have hot cocoa with Scottish shortbread. 

But now I am seeing frost on the brown grass,  the wind is busting through here knocking over plants and shutters,  and I am  fighting a cold.  So where did October go ...or did November steal the 10th month? 

Here is what (I think) we did in October.

One of our chickens laid the smallest egg we have ever seen.  Then we fried it up.  I must say it was a tasty bite.  

Our Charlotte Mason monthly group began a 6 week co-op.  We study all the "Extras" such as poetry, composer study,  folk song, Shakespeare, and others.  Here the older group made masks to perform the play Much Ado About Nothing.  Actually,  my oldest made both of these, but my third girl made her own,  looked just like her, and then left it outside for the rain to destroy.   Urg.  But I was proud of her.

My oldest two began year around swimming.  It is so  much fun to watch them.  This was a covered pool and I just loved the way the sky looked through the open shutters. 

We are pretty careful about what our kids watch and when.  They just have these brains that take in the pictures and then keep them forever.  So we make them wait to watch Lord of the Rings until they have read it (around age 12).  See the excitement!!  He loved it.  His sister did a dinner theme with " 'a brace of coneys' and 'tators'.  The cookies were supposed to be leaf shaped.  HMMM.

I attempted to make pajama pants using a sheet from Goodwill.  I am still attempting.  Gotta get that oldest on the machine for me.  I did learn that I can sew up an inseam.  Kind of surprised myself.  I'll let you know if these get finished.

My sister had a shower for her FIRST boy...after 4 girls.  It was so much fun and the ladies did such a great job.  AND,  that baby is the second cutest boy ever.  What fun to have a baby to play with again. 

 Our church performs a martyr's trail each year at a camp.  Our kids participate and then show it at the church.  I cred through most of them.  We have such an easy life here in America.  We had better be serving and giving with all our might. 

My mom had her bi monthly tea party,  and this time the boys were invited!!  They were such gentlemen,  and I think had better manners than the girls.  Miss Leslie Wolfe spoke and it was wonderful.  Ponder this,  how do we know God is good?  And it can't be because of what good things he does for us.  It must be because of who he is.

A shout out to my eldest,  AGAIN.  Goodness,  we would have no creativity around here if it weren't for her.  She made the peacock costume for Little Bit,  and found all the parts for her Mary Poppins and Bert the Chimney Sweep.  The Colonial girl outfit was $1 from a garage sale.  Yeah!!

So there was October.  I should probably send this to a scrap book company cause I haven't scrapped in years.  And this is the closest thing to it.

Most of you are probably wondering where the blogging has gone.  I don't know.  I have fluctuated between trying to type,  being totally talked to nonstop and not being able to think (such as right now I have one standing next to me talking non stop....oh please stop!!) and thinking I am on the computer too much.  We'll see who wins.

thanks for reading,