Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Computer Post and other things

I have been a bit posting challenged lately.  I think I will use the excuse that 1.  My arm is still healing, and 2.  My little netbook that I KNOW how to download and post pics from had  a little water spilled on the key board and we are waiting for a new one to come in from HONG KONG!  Is there not anyone is the US who makes key boards for netbooks??????  Let's just say I am VERY frustrated with the state of things...economy,  politics, health,  chicken coops.

What was that?   Yes,  we need to build a new chicken coop and soon.  The one we built last year was intended to hold 6-8 chickens at the most, but we have 11 poor fluffers who fight about roosting rights every night.  I have been looking at building one out of wood floor pallets.  Have you scene the plethora of projects out there using wood pallets?  It makes the idea part of my brain go crazy.  Here are a couple of pics from the web...

How cute is this?  My girls would absolutely love it. 

This is so Laura Ingalls Wilder...I used to want to live that way.  Until the heat began melting and burning everything in site...then I loved my air conditioner and ice maker. But,  I could still have symbols of my unrealistic dreams hanging around. 

 The shed is actually not bad looking.  It gives me ideas for a new chicken coop.  I actually dreamed last night we used pallet wood for wood flooring.  My brain is very full with projects right now...and my husband is not on speaking terms with me.  He says if I will stay quiet,  he'll let me keep cleaning, cooking, and taking care of kids.  HMMMM!  Delimas!!

SOOO,   I guess I need to get me to a Lowes and learn how to use these power tools we have in the shed, which, by the way honey,  needs to be worked on.  Just throwing that in there. 

I have MANY thoughts floating around in my head today.  If I get a chance I will share,  or not as I deem fit for our relationship.

thanks for reading,