Saturday, November 13, 2010

What do I DO with all those BOOKS?

Glad you asked!!  I had so much fun going over them today,  feeling the smoothness of the skin,  smelling the sometimes musty odor,  flipping the pages through my fingers,  stopping to read a word or two or three or four or....

Ok,  I actually listed most of them in my , a gift my husband gave me that is supposed to last my lifetime.  I have yet to catalog all my books, but I have brainwashed  trained one child into thinking this is fun.  Only she's really busy and has a paying job, and can only have so much fun a week.  (SIGH)  Back to what I will do with them.  I thought I just told you?  feel, smell, flip, read.  Well,  I chose some books because we love to read classics around here, and anytime we can find a great looking hard back we snatch it up, for .50 or 1.00.  I chose others because we are studying the time of 1776-1815 in history in our home school, and next year will be getting around to the Civil War.  There were a couple of interesting books set in this time.  Abraham Lincoln by James Daugherty,  a biography of a slave girl (not sure yet if it tells too much,  kindo intense).  Others I choose because they are part of a series we love like the Landmark books or an author we love like Clyde Robert Bulla, or Jean Fritz.  I did seem to find more historical and biographical books, and then a few classic fiction.  Some I had never read  like The Prisoner of Zenda by Anthony Hope  and one on touring the Mediterranian using the Bible.  How neat would that be to learn geography from a lady who toured the area....  before the second world war!!!  (I am a sucker for OLD BOOKS)

As I figure out where these will go in our schooling year,  I might let you know.  OR,  I might think it is too boring, or irrelevant to your life, and never let you know.  HE HE HE  HO HO HO  HA HA HA
 HI HI HI HU HU HU HY HY HY (I think I already said that!)

thanks for reading,


ps.  I WILL let you know how The Prisoner of Zenda is,  I am REALLY curious. 

pss.  I bet you would love to know how I began to love books. 

Dog Tired

What does that mean anyway?  Are dogs more tired that other they lie down more heavily...or pant harder...why not possum tired, or bird tired or (my favorite) chicken tired?  Have you ever seen a chicken lie down in dirt, stretch out its left wing and leg, and  pant?  Kindof wierd actually.
But tonight,  I will just say I am dog tired so you won't think I am weird or something. 

We CONQUERED the book sale, no one was hurt, we practiced respect for the elderly and helpless,  but  boy,  my legs are sore.  Up, down, and in between then back up again ...that's bookshelves both high and low.  I did very well.  Set my budget a little higher then completely forgot it, grabbed lots of books (as did my well trained S6 troop), then panicked and started looking at what we had.   We had some ...well interesting wordage in the stack(s)..  One about a clay boy that ran and took stuff.  I was a little scared of clay boy and it went back on the shelf.  SIDE NOTE  When choosing books for children, make sure they are interesting, worthy of more than one read aloud, the pictures are fun to look at,  and the children will want to take them with them when they leave home.  They can't, OF COURSE, but they should want to.  OK,  I'M BACK.  Then others about bunnie, valentines day, 15 christmas books,  you get the picture.  Some CHILD hit the holiday shelf and swiped it.  Gotta trained that trooper a little better. 

Here's a picture of our haul.

NEXT DAY:  I lay in bed  last night and thought about our load, and I suddenly realized that great geography book I had picked up for my eldest was NOT IN THIS PICTURE.  Where was it?  Who had it?  Did it even come home with me?  After INTERROGATING the troops, we realized we left it at a table in the library.  GRRRR!   You guessed it.  After cleaning the church this morning, my youngest and I headed back up to the library, (our mission was NOT completed!) and would you believe,  the LORD had saved my books for me using a sweet lady.  Abigail and I said,  "ISN'T GOD SWEET TO US?"

This is a little long, so I will post about our afternoon at Petit Jean later.  I want ya' to keep comin' back to read. 

thanks for reading,


ps.  Here's what one CHILD thought of the book sale.  "It was fun, but momma put back my Clay Man book.  He went around eating everything.  I thought momma had put it in the basket.  Well,  it was fun.  Thank you for reading this. Bye