Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Collaboration

Just a few notes for the few who follow.  My eldest will be going on a 9 DAY road trip with her grandparents beginning tomorrow.  She is REQUIRED to post daily about her trip.  We are on pins and needles waiting to hear the comparisons of all the different Cracker Barrels along the way!!! 

My son doesn't want to blog because he just said his life is uneventful right now, but when my eldest gets a car he will have something to blog about.   What he doesn't realize is that his sister will NOT be getting a car anytime soon,  so I am assuming his life will remain uneventful for a good while.  Maybe until he gets married, then his wife can drive him around and he can find EVENTS.  Which is not a guarantee, the wife or events.

Here is a short book review of Meet Julie,  an American Girl book  my second daughter just read.

Julies parents are divorced.  She loves basketball,  but the team is a boys only and the coach refuses to let her play,  and while she is asking pepole to sign her petition she loses her best friend.  When everything seems hopeless,   she is let onto the team.

I would recommend this book.  I learned when things seem hopeless, don't give up.


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  1. I am so loving your blog. I have been off blog land for I bit so I am playing catch up with yours.


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