Friday, January 21, 2011


I grew up with little or no tv but even I remember this  commercial.  The mother cooking, the doorbell ringing, the children crying, something breaking, the phone rings.   I am there and I feel her pain. 

It seems God brings things about in connecting events.  In my case I think it may be because with just one or two events, I could easily say, "OH,  I can handle that.  No problem."  He brings a couple more.  "OH,  well,  this is tough, but I think I can deal with it."  Then comes 4,5,6  and WHAM!!  right in the kisser.  Then I say,  "OHHHH,  Lord,  you want me to ask you for help.  And remember that I really couldn't deal with the first issue on my own strength."   I thought I had actually learned this and didn't THINK  I was relying on myself.  But maybe I was.  Anyway,  I have no control, no strength,  no plan,  just one or two heart desires.  One, that all these event will lead all involved, including myself,  to an abiding relationship with Christ.
 "I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing."   Oh,  how I need to learn that abiding part.  and remember fruit,  which, on a side note,  I had always liked apples and grapes.  But now I think the whole fruit family is absolutely a gift from God.

Two,  I pray God is glorified through all this.  I actually am not sure how in many cases,  but I know that is the chief aim of man is to to glorify God and praise Him forever,  and I at least want to aim for the aim. 

Lastly,  and this is mostly unrelated,    I think Magic Kingdom is one of the most magical places,  next to a gorgeous walk through a fall colored woods.  Maybe I still just have a little kid left in me,  but I loved it.  Oh, and the kids have fun too.  Will post pictures and comments later.  We had a blast and would love to go again, maybe with grandkids.  Noooo,  I just like to think ahead,  WAYYYYY ahead.  My mom keeps telling me they are fun, wonderful, and worth waiting for.   So  I wait patiently!!!

thanks for reading,