Saturday, October 22, 2011

What's on YOUR list?

I have been thinking, as you ALL know,  about traveling a lot these days.  That brought to mind all the things I want to do in this life.  Some of them I most likely won't be able to do, and that's ok because I know in the life after this...eternity with Christ...there will be things to do that I didn't know even existed as a possibility and will blow all those EARTHLY things out of the water. 

UNTIL THEN,  here are a few I have been thinking about lately.

Take a class in specialized cooking. 

Go on a very long trip to Europe

Visit Taiwan,  the place of my birth.

Refinish a piece of furniture and like it when I am finished. 

Build a small cabin.

Go on a mission trip,  short or long term.

Build a two story library with a rolling ladder.   (Think Beauty and the Beast,  SIGH!)

Make a quilt

Write a book

Play Maple Leaf Rag  (with my eyes closed)

Have High Tea in NYC

Make my own soap

Have High Tea in London

Take a 50 state trip with my little family and see all the great wonders and historical sites of the 49 great states and one plane trip to the 50th out there in the Pacific. 

Take a ride on the Orient Express.

Go to the Orchestra in Prague

Learn to make cheese...maybe from my own goats and cows.

As I site here I could go on and on.  Some of these are attainable.   They require me to set aside time and learn and do.   Some,  well,  let's just say we don't believe in the lottery and I have no rich relations.   It is fun to think about and to even look online and see some of the places.  I am getting the idea though, that maybe I should just begin at home and do what I can,  then work my way up the list...or down...or pick and choose as they come. 

thanks for reading,


p.s.  As I reflect on this post,  my minds stray to the pleasant memories of all the things I HAVE done.  I think those memories reflect  in the things I want to do.  Maybe we are more strongly influenced by our upbringings than I have previously thought.  Gracious...I better start thinking of what I want my kids to desire when they are grown.  Gotta go work some things out.