Monday, November 15, 2010

Random Thoughts

Why are random thoughts so interesting?   Could it be that it shows the real side of a person?  Is it that we hope to connect with something or someone and if someone sends out a few random thoughts,  SURELY one may strike a note?  In light of wanting others to feel a connection,  I throw out some random,  and I mean most -likely-so-trivial-you-will-move-on-before-you-finish-the-post thoughts.

1.  For three weeks now I have had one sick child, one each week, with the same sort of symptoms.

2.  Holidays scare, intimidate petrify me.  and birthdays.  and anniversaries.   and Saturday.   I COULD almost skip them. 

3.  I refuse to turn on the heat.  We are up to 3 blankets apiece.

4.  One of my children has taken over the other  three children's daily word quota.

5.  Anyone get ready for bed, look at the clock and realize it's only 6:30? 

6.  I am thinking of doing a paper route.  Anyone want to talk me out of it?

7.  I really like those blogs that list things they are thankful for.  This blog isn't one of them.

8.  I just went to a booksale.  (I think this counts as a thankful,  so you ARE reading a thankful blog!!)

9.  The news is on.  I don't usually watch the news but my daughter wants to see what happened to the catnapper.

10.  We found a mouse skeleton by our driveway yesterday morning.  I screamed. 

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