Sunday, November 7, 2010

Can We Do It?

There are so many reasons why keeping up this family blog would be great.  The kids would get to learn about .... well computer stuff which I don't know about;   I would get to write out frustrations my thoughts and sort of keep an online diary;  far away family (like those Sibrerians)  would get to see more of our life and we can share in theirs as well,  and generally we would all get more computer time,  but as a family. 

So,  I again begin to again post.   And today is a let me get things out day.  I just read a post, (and as soon as I learn how to link I will link) about being driven by guilt or grace.  I am definately a guilt person.  I think back on my day and say oh I didn't do that correctly or I should have done this.   Not good for me as I am always thinking God is probably so disappointed in me today.  This translates to my kids living with guilt because I am saying what we should or shouldn't have done.  Not good for them,  doesn't teach a right perspective of God.  Then again, how do learn to live in grace?  So that is where I will be for awhile, probably for a lifetime cause I have lived almost half my statistical life. 

On a less spiritual note,  do you know I have a real problem with books?   As in,  I love to feel them, look at them, smell them and most of all read them?   And do you know this can be a problem when my husband says no more bookshelves and I have books that need a home?  And did you know this next weekend is the last library book sale of the year?   I promise myself each time I go I will only spend so much and no more, never more than a spot, cause something may happen and I definately know what?  (what book is that from)
So,  off I go again, and I think I will set my limit a little higher this time so I won't feel GUILT about bringing home 3 boxes of books.  (They are only .50 - 1.00 each,  please) 

This post is very long, but what do you expect after 8 months of living and thinking?  
Thanks for reading, family!!


  1. Well, it's probably all my fault that you live with guilt! I feel so guilty! :(

    Thank the Lord that "there is now therefore no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus." Case closed. So it's time for us all to focus on Phil.4:8, to "dwell on these things."

    Sure wish you could find a place for that bookshelf, cause you're gonna need them after the book sale. :) !

    Love you loads and loads.

  2. I, personally, am impressed and overjoyed at the manner in which you educate our children and take care of our home. I'm glad you are who you are... and I love you.



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