Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

OH MY GOODNESS!   Somewhere in the near past,  I remember talking about how calm and peaceful I was this Christmas.  And would you believe,  the calm stayed,  the peaceful fluctuated in and out depending on my praying and faith,  but it was so BUSY.  My mother-in-law came down very early for some Dr.s appts and I took her to most of them.  We were sick for some of the days,  and our church began work week Monday.   I see people write about Christmas "vacation"  and I wonder where they found that.  Being a homeschool family,  I have the children with me 24/7 so them coming home and us doing things we don't normally doesn't work here.  Then our church is on adrenaline IV's and we have potlucks,  recitals,  Christmas programs,  more eating,  decorating,  birthday celebrations,  New Year's talent shows and all night treasure hunts.  Where is the vacation?   I need one desperately!!  There are Christmas books we haven't read,  ginger bread houses we didn't build.  ( I did let go of the guilt on this one,  took all the stuff back to the store and told them someone brought this home and we need to return it.  They wanted to know who brought it to our house,  and I had to confess it was me.  I think they think I am crazy.  How close they are!) games we didn't play,  some house cleaning that needs doing.  And "vacation" is almost over.  Just want to thank who ever reads this for reading all the outpouring's of my brain.  I am sure if I ever reread these,  I would delete the whole thing and change my name.  You are all too kind.

thanks for reading,