Saturday, October 29, 2011

Things I have ALREADY done

So,  after my long list of what I WANT to do, (and I've thought of even more,  like renovating an old French Country House and living there part time)  I thought I would share some of what I HAVE try and be more thankful and meditate on blessings...seems only right.

Born in Taiwan,  don't remember but it's a cool thought.

Camped in a snow storm...well,  an Arkansas snow storm.

Lived 3 years in the Middle East..and I will probably rest here awhile and list things like

Shopped in a Souk

Attended a Sheik's daughter's wedding.

Stayed in a hotel in the the sea

Camped in the desert,  on the coast by the sea where the way led between two small mountains

that's not me, by the way,  just a great shot of what it looked like.

Learned to water ski in the Persian Gulf

Celebrated New Years Eve on the beach using Swiss chocolate for s'mores

Had a sun rise service on Easter on the beach with people from India, Pakistan, England, France, America,  China,  and other nations

Lived my whole life with the same parents ...I consider that a great wonder of this nation..and top it with the fact that they led me to Jesus.

Spent two weeks in Spain, driving up the coast to Portugal, and down the coast to Gibraltar,  (because we missed the outgoing plane to America...ah...shucks!!)

Visited London, Scotland, Paris,  Amsterdam,  Germany, Bahrain, (and oh the stories!!)

Ate real Italian Pizza in Italy

Hadg people of many nations eat in our home for Sunday lunch, and not leave until 10 pm or later because the fellowship was so precious.

Walked through a forest on the perfect fall day, crisp air, blue skies, leaves falling, birds twittering, with my husband and children

I think I  could go on and on and on...and so could many of you.  Much of this sounds boastful, but really I had no control over these experiences.  They were ones we had because of circumstances,  location, and adventuresome parents.  I am so thankful for all the opportunities I have had,  especially all the wonderful people I have known and still continue in friendship with.  God has been so gracious to allow these in my life...and I think that the longings we have for great and wonderful adventures and experiences may be our soul's desire for heaven.  As Christians we have a large part of us that longs to be with Christ and experiences "real" life....our eternal life...the one that will go on and on and on....

I love the book Heaven by Randy Alcorn.   He writes of all that we KNOW of heaven, and then what COULD be...and it is exciting to think of.  If you pick one book on heaven to read,  I highly recommend this one.  It's not a one nighter...plan on spending a couple of months reading it little by little. 

thanks for reading,