Monday, October 24, 2011

That's not my problem!

Lately, I have needed some wise council on a few things going on in my life.  I was very nervous about taking to someone about them because I felt silly...foolish...weak....a tattle tale...a whiner....not dependent on the Lord,  I will stop here.  But I heard someone speak at a conference this past winter and what she said was clearly from the Lord...permission to seek wise council. 

I have learned many things from talking to this council,   things which surprised me about myself.  But one thought has truly changed my life,  my stress load and how I view my job here on earth...


They are simple words,  and I surely don't yell them,  although truth be told I would LOVE to.  But they are simple.   I have viewed  many situations, emotions,  outcomes to be my responsibility...not my emotions and outcomes but others.  And these 4 little words are to me a revelation.

 Many problems and situations out there are not mine to bear.  If someone woke up in a bad mood,  it is not my problem that they are not happy.  If someone did not finish a responsibility they took on,  and will/are suffering consequences,  that was not my fault and I am not to take on the responsibility for this
If I say something that is truth,  and not hurtful or intended to hurt, but to point out a situation that needs attending,  their reaction is not my responsibility.   I have so much I AM responsible thoughts,   the intentions of my heart,  my words, my actions.   But someones else's is not mine to take...and I am actually hurting them (and myself) by taking it. 

This is probably a very simple, already-done-that-thought for most of you...but it takes me YEARS to get things.  It will probably take me years to learn  not take on everyone's STUFF.

SO.... if you happen to tell me something,  and expect me to somehow fix it or take the blame for it..BEWARE...

I will probably look at you very sweetly,  smile, and say...


thanks for reading,