Monday, December 13, 2010

Love, twue love, ah, mawwage!!

When my husband and I first got married,  we didn't have a t.v.  I HIGHLY recommend it as we had to talk, play games,  clean house,  and get to know one another.  Then we traded some scuba equipment never used for a t.v. and vcr.  One of the first movies we bought was The Princess Bride.  Oh how we laughed that first night watching it.   The second viewing was even funnier cause I knew some of the lines,  and by the  third viewing I just cracked up,  and then the fourth something happened.  I didn't laugh so hard, or so often.  By the tenth viewing I would walk in the room, see the screen and walk out.  I just couldn't do it.  The movie was ruined.  A few years ago my honey thought the kids could handle the movie now.  And they reacted very much like me.  The first viewing cracked them up.  Or so my honey says.  I honestly couldn't watch it.  I think I had a...meeting, yah, that's it. 

Ok, long intro but you needed back ground for the Mawwage title.  And if you still don't understand,  go rent the movie, pop some popcorn, and have a family movie night.  But only once,  send it back, and DON'T EVER, EVER rent it again.  I'm just sayin'.  

Ok,  we went to a wedding this weekend of my niece.  She is a very talented decorator and chose the colors and do dads herself.  Here are a few pics of the occasion. 
It's really all about the cake...I mean for the kids.  Isn't the table beautiful?

Great looking party.

The cake, again,  cause I am looking through the pics and realized,  my son took most of the pics, and they were of the cake.  I guess he was hungry.  Note to self,  grab the camera and take pics of what I really want to remember.  Cause now I am hankerin' for wedding cake.  HMMM.  I have an anniversary coming up.  Cake anyone?

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The New Excuse

It's my 40th Birthday today.  I am loving it!!  I tend to be a little...rebellious.  But usually only in the it- doesn't-really-matter-any- way, way.  So instead of having a melt down,  a pity party, or a mid-life crisis,  I am thrilled.  As my dad says, the alternative is worse!! 

When I was in my 20's,  I was super woman.  I could do it all, and don't tell me I couldn't!!  Then I birthed 4 chillins and people started telling me when things were a little.. um.. hectic just to say I homeschooled and/or had 4 wee ones.

Three kiddos with a wee one on the way!

  I rebelled at first, then found it quite convenient true.  But now, in my 40's,  with at least 2 pretty responsible people at the house,  that excuse isn't working.

 So as I talked with my husband over a quiet lunch today,  he said I could just say,  "oh,  it must be that 40's thing!"  and people would understand.  So if you read something and thing  "HEY"  or see something not quite well executed here on this blog,  just remember, 

I HAVE 9 MORE BIRTHDAYS TO GO with this excuse,  AND HEY  I am 40 TODAY!!

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