Monday, May 16, 2011

Look at them beans...

I wanted to wait until tomorrow to show you what this was...

But I can't.  Here's another photo.  See if you can guess before scrolling down.

 Yup, peas.  Can't wait.  Here are a few more shots of happenings around the yard.  I would call it a farm, but it is only 1/4 of an acre. 

 A tiny broccoli head.  They are even bigger since I took this last week.

Little scamps these are.  They found my new pot of geraniums and impatiens and ATE them.  I was a little miffed. The green is still there so I hope flowers come back.  They also found my new patio furniture.  I have to shoo them away often.  I am thinking of spraying them with water whenever they come near the house.  I have heard that might work.

Sad story on these guys. Someone gave theme to us for meat birds and my son was raising them.  Only 6 more weeks and then home grown meat.   The other night a certain DOG found its way into our yard and tore up their cage, and ATE them.  I was a little MAD.  We had to talk to the owner and I pray they help out.  I know how I want things taken care of but....

There are others things going on here but they will have to wait.  Swim practice awaits.

thanks for reading,


What looks good this week?

I am planning totally off the cuff today.  Haven't even looked in the fridge or freezer.  Just free wheeling,  going on the fly,  making it up as I go... I don't know how this week will work out meal wise.  Our nights our very full right now with swim practice,  church, music lessons, and that other "something" that pops up unexpectedly.

I definitely want to try to make these.

  A friend sent the recipe to me and I am in love with the picture.  I will let you know if they materialize.

Mon....We have a friend who leaves for FL every May and stays with her parents for a month.  When she and her daughters leave,  her husband  cleans out the fridge and cabinets of anything healthy or that he doesn't like and we are the recipients.  LOVE IT!  So....we are having BBQ pork sandwiches from the the leftover pork loin he gave us.  Coleslaw from the cabbage he delivered, and chips and raw veggies.

Tues....Chicken and Rice casserole and  steamed broccoli  

Wed.....Bacon Quiche with salad and rolls

Thur....Something that rolls up in a tortilla with fruit and pretzels.  We swim this night and need handy food for when each child has finished their swim time. 

Fri.  Eggs, Sausage,  Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

Sat.  Something on the Grill like chicken Kabobs.  YUM!

Sun.  I have a baby shower and will be eating at Wendy's with the church folk, then at the shower.  I LOVE SHOWER FOOD!

That's our week,  I hope.  I don't know about you but sometime my ulooks nothing like what I planned.  I don't go and buy new stuff,  just mix up what I have to work.  Maybe I should begin posting a "What We Ate"  Monday Menu. 

Here is a teaser for tomorrow,  I hope. 

Can you guess what this is?  

thanks for reading,