Thursday, November 11, 2010


The library book sale is tomorrow.  This post is most enjoyable if you listen while reading.

 I have my kids all jacked up and I  have drilled into them the books we are looking for.  Tomorrow, we will stand in line with all others,  wishing we had gotten up earlier to be 1ST in line, but realizing being 20th is not bad.  We will have money and a phone ...that's it.  Nothing to hinder us from reading, bending and grabbing.  We will show our membership card (gets us in at 9 instead of 10  :).. and then I yell, GO GO GO and we spread out and CONQUER!!!  Nobody gets in the way of the S6 troop.  

ok,  we are a little nicer,  we let older people move past us and don't shove the children.  I will post our treasures tomorrow. 

thanks for reading,



  1. Okay, you're showing me up! I can't keep up with you. But as soon as Haley shows me how (or Charity, who doesn't have the time) I will put your button on my blog. It's too good for others not to know about it. I meant to ask Haley to do it today when she was here, but I forgot.


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